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I posted this on tumblr a while back, and I totally intended to post it here as well! But... I forgot. Shame on me.

So here it is, better late than never!

An Admirable Solution by Speranza. (25k words, NC-17.)

Summary: Having sex with Fraser was great, but it was still kind of like being punched out by an orgasm. Which was kind of fun, but ow.

My thoughts: Hot. So hot. And angsty. I think there was a plot in there somewhere too, but I can't remember, because hot. And angst.

* * *

With Six You Get Eggroll by Speranza. (31k words, pg-13 I think)

Summary: "Kick 'em In The Head: A Guide To Parenting."

My thoughts: It's one of those fics where, if someone told you what it was about, you'd go: "no fucking way that could ever be in character!" But it totally is. Everything makes sense, and it's full of feels and adorable kid characters and a little angst and so so so much wonderful fluff. Just read it. There's also an easter egg, but I usually skip that one since it's only vaguely connected to the main fic.

* * *

True North by Crysithemis. (67k words, NC-17.)

Summary: Maggie Mackenzie unwittingly reveals Fraser's deepest secret.

My thoughts: Oh my god, this is super angsty, but it's all worth it. After several chapters of terrible doubt, the development of Ray and Fraser's relationship is just done so wonderfully, slow and tender. And there are also some seriously hot sex scenes. Oh yes. Just read it.

* * *

Buddy Breathing by Caroline Alert. (21k, NC-17.)

Summary: After almost drowning on the Henry Allen, Kowalski finds that the whole buddy breathing incident has changed his view of his partner... and himself.

My thoughts: The buddy breathing scene is like the holy grail of fanfics that almost write themselves. Never the less, this is a quality fic which uses the scene very nicely. It's also hot. And angsty.

* * *

How Ray Got His Groove Back by Aristide and Bone. (31k, NC-17.)

Summary: How Ray got into Fraser's groove.

My thoughts: This is probably in my top 5 of favorite Due South fics ever. It's just so fucking good. The voices are perfect, the sex is brain melting, there's a little bit of angst, but it's not overwhelming. It's just... read it.

* * *

Like A House On Fire by Beth H. and Kellie Matthews. (90k. NC-17.)

Summary: Ray goes to Canada to visit Fraser and ends up helping with an investigation.

My thoughts: This is one of the few Due South fics where I can actually remember what the case was about. But mostly I am just in love with how Ray and Fraser get together WITHOUT massive angst for once. There's insecurity and longing and such, but mostly it just gives you the BIGGEST smile on your face. And it's also hot here and there. Total feel-good fic (for me anyway).

* * *

Course by Bone and Aristide. (32k, NC-17.)

Summary: Randomness. Inevitability. Smut.

My thoughts: Hot. Jesus Christ. Hot. Also angsty, but you hardly notice, because HOT. Many orgasms are had from this fic. The case is also interesting, if you're interested. Or have brain cells left after the orgasms...

* * *

Give, Take by helens78. (25k, NC-17.)

Summary: Fraser and Ray have been talking about a particular kind of fantasy roleplay scene for a long time; it's just a matter of working out the details so they both feel safe about doing it.

My thoughts: THIS IS HOW BDSM FIC SHOULD BE DONE! It's like everything you ever wanted in D/s fantasy, AND people are in character, AND the grammar is excellent, AND it's long, AND it's HOT HOT HOT HOT! NOT EVEN JOKING, DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE TIME FOR ORGASMS!

* * *

Skydeep by Tatau. (39k, NC-17.)

Summary: Ray and Fraser go undercover. And then the assignment turns gay—but apparently, Fraser is quite comfortable with that. Which, as it turns out, comes as a real eye-opener to Ray.

My thoughts: It's the gay club trope, but it's done perfectly. Just perfectly. And the case got me to the edge of my seat too. Gorgeous gorgeous fic. Oh, and also hot. And a little angsty. Mostly it's just intense.

* * *




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