Jul. 4th, 2012

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Title: TMI.
Fandom: Star Trek DS9
Pairings: Garak/Bashir.
Rating: PG just barely for some suggestiveness.
Warnings: None.
Beta: None.
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Some geezers in the movie and television industries do. Damn them.
Summary: Drabble (100 words). Poor Miles really does not want to know certain things.

As he was leaving, Miles turned in the doorway. “Julian, do me a favor.”


“Never ask me to fix your replicator again. Get one of the junior engineers, or have Jadzia do it for all I care. Just... don't call me about it ever again, all right?”

“Uh... sure.”

“It's just... there are limits to what I want to know about my friends' late night replicating history. Understand?” He smiled tightly, and then stomped down the corridor before Julian could come up with a reply of more than: “huh?”

Then he connected the dots. “Garak!”



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Working title: "Ramalama."
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Other stuff: Yes, the title refers to the song "Ramalama Bang Bang" by Roisin Murphy, and it's also included in the fic.
Word count: 2268 so far.

Originally this bunny was jotted down like this:

Arthur is a dancer, in town with a show. Every show he dances to Rama lama bang bang. It's a pure sex dance, and every show he picks someone out from the audience and has serious eye sex with them. One night he picks Merlin. Merlin falls for him, only to find out he's a complete snob off-stage. Trouble for Arthur is, he also falls for Merlin and has to learn some hard lessons in humility before they can get together.

Notes: If I ever get back to work on this fic, I greatly suspect it'll end up being long as fuck. Because every time I start poking at it, more plot points fall out. *pulls hair*

First the idea was just that Arthur was sexy on stage, but snooty as fuck off stage in a very general way, but it gets more and more detailed as I go along. Most of it is the fact that he's absurdly talented, and used to being treated like the golden boy he is. Morgana runs the show he travels with, and is the only one who regularly tells him when he's being a dick. Which is pretty much always. But she's his sister, so in Arthur's mind, she totally doesn't count. I have scenes thought out of Arthur dating only the prettiest girls, and not giving two shits about their feelings, only deciding by his own level of comfort how long the relationships last. He's never had to pursue anyone. Who he wants, he gets. And he KNOWS he's drop-dead sexy, which he uses to his advantage every chance he gets.

Merlin is in school, probably university. He goes to Arthur's show mostly against his will, and ends up being the "victim" of the night. Arthur loves toying with the audience, and every night he picks one "lucky" person to have filthy eye-sex/dance-off with, and of course he ends up picking Merlin. Merlin leaves the show with a major boner and a brand new fanboy crush. Arthur barely remembers him.

At Gwen's insistence Merlin tries to get Arthur's autograph, but is disgusted by what a major prick he is. He says some really snarky things to Arthur, who hardly believes his own ears. Because who would say such things to him!? He's gorgeous! Everybody knows it!

Enter next plot point. Merlin's mum runs a charity for kids, and because Gwen is a blabbermouth, Hunith gets the impression that Merlin is able to get in and talk with Arthur, and ask if he would volunteer a few hours of charity work, teaching some poor kids to dance. Merlin of course despairs but can't say no. It's for charity, after all.

Much to his surprise, Arthur agrees to see him and even accepts the proposal. Because of course it's eating him up that Merlin dared be so rude to him, and for some strange (pfft) reason, it actually matters to him what the big-eared bean-stalk thinks of him.

I think the rest should be obvious from here.

Notes about the following snippet: Yes, the music here is Ramalama Bang Bang. It's a seriously sexy song, just FYI. And if you're wondering how Arthur looks, this is where I've looked to for inspiration. Just... imagine that stuff on Arthur's entire upper body. *distracted* Uhm... yes. Moving on.

Snippet. NSFW!!! )

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Title: A Night To Remember.
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3015
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Very tiny hint of dub-con.
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything even remotely related to BBC Merlin.
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] tli went above and beyond, listening to me whine over this and offering repeated betaing as I kept changing stuff. YOU ARE AWESOME!
Notes: Modern AU, established relationship.
Summary: Gwen accidentally witnesses something she really rather wouldn't have.

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