Sep. 24th, 2012

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UPDATE: This is now finished! Titled: Sometimes They Run. Read it on DW or on AO3.

Working title: "Dog Walker Sam Gabe"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Human AU
Other stuff: Age difference kink and mostly pulp, but I still love it.
Word count: 8000~ words so far.

Okay, so... I have no idea where this came from. Just... it lives in my brain right now. Pretty much ever night I go to sleep I think scenes through for this, so who knows, I might actually finish it! In maybe 5k words or something. *dies*
Anyway, this is me trying to write insecure and stressed Gabriel, and it's surprisingly easy. This should probably worry me more than it does...

Notes: Basically, Gabriel is sort of the human equivalent of pre-Lucifer's-fall in canon. I chose to make him 40-ish, rich, but lonely, with only his dog for company, although his work load is making it hard to make time for said pooch. He's some sort of executive in the family business, constantly caught between Michael and Lucifer's (I decided to call him Luke, though) power plays. In comes Sam. College student, (Studying law of course, because it's Sam) dirt poor and due to his bleeding heart owning a dog he can't really afford. Chance meeting in the park results in Sam getting a ridiculously overpaid dog walking job and Gabriel totally losing his heart, despite the fact that he's distressingly convinced that nothing can ever happen between them because of a couple of decades between their ages. (Details if you ask me, but hey, plot!) So pulp romance basically, but who cares, it's Sam/Gabe! And apparently AUs are the bees' knees these days, so I'm sure someone out there will like it if I ever finish it.

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