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Name:Lady Drace
Birthdate:Jul 13, 1982
Website:Lady Drace
So! About me! Big girl of '82, bisexual, divorced and mother of a beautiful, little boy, lovingly referred to as Green Pea or mostly just "Pea". He is, without comparison, the best thing in my life.

I read a lot, surf a LOT on the web, write dirty fanfiction, watch loads of movies and annoy everybody with quotes from everything I've ever seen or read.

General warning if you wish to be my friend. I'm honest to the extreme. I love telling everybody everything about myself or whatever else they want to talk about in great detail. TMI is NOT in my dictionary. Just so you know.

Also, I'm autistic. If that distinction was still used, I would have been diagnosed with Asperger's. My son also has autism, and it makes life difficult, on occassion, so expect posts about that. Even more annoying is the fact that my autism comes with anxiety on top, so yeah. Ugh.

I'm open minded about basically anything. I'm open for discussion on any subject. Gaining new understanding for other people is just joy in my world. I'm not a firm believer of any specific religion or political party. I'm willing to reconsider all my viewpoints if I'm met with sensible arguments, and frankly I love having my assumptions shaken up a bit occasionally. Perfect guard against stupidity.

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