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To the kinky and amazing [personal profile] syredronning ! I hope your day is totally awesome!
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To the most epic and badass [personal profile] lonespark !

As promised, here is your prezzie:


I hope your day is awesome!

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To Alex, the number one authority on all things Picard, and an allround great guy. May your day be all things awesome and brilliant. I apologize for the lack of silly graphic this year, but I wish you a super day all the same, [ profile] mr_picard !
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To the most awesome and magnificent [personal profile] angrboda !

I'm afraid there will be no silly graphic this time around. So sorry. I hope you have an excellent day anyway!

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[ profile] seriesfive tagged me! Good times. :o)

1.Always Post the Rules.

2. Answer the questions the person tagged you and write 11 new ones.

3. Tag 11 new people and link them to the post.

4. Let them know you tagged them.

Seriesfive asked these questions:

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I have just not been able to keep up with things on LJ and DW lately. I only seem to remember to check in every couple of weeks or so, and I am so sorry if I've missed any major points in your lives.

Real life is just being crazy, and I have pretty much given up on blogging about all of it. Basically these days I only blog when I just randomly get the urge to do so, so what I write probably doesn't reflect very accurately what's going on in my life.

The broad strokes are as follows: Still no news about foster care. Slight progress on getting help for my head. Zero improvement in financial situation. Issues with B are slowly cropping up more and more, and moods are tense. Things are truly coming to a head. I expect some chaos in my near future when this all culminates.

But Pea is beautiful and perfect, and my head is at least keeping its bitching at a level where I can function fairly well, which is a MAJOR improvement.

And I'm still churning out writing like woah. Whatever is doing that, please never stop!
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To the rockin' [ profile] lady_rilwen ! Hope you have a great one!


Mar. 6th, 2013 09:36 am
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Just had a small unfollow spree. I'm pretty sure I only unfollowed people I haven't communicated with for over a year. If I accidentally unfollowed you and you don't get why, then please do let me know so I can fix it.


Jan. 17th, 2013 01:43 am
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I missed a couple of birthdays. If I missed yours, then I'm deeply sorry and I hope you had a wonderful day.

But my head is... oh god... bad.

That it all.
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To the badass and bodacious [personal profile] birggitt ! Peace and love, baby!

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To the talented and awesome [personal profile] romankate ! Rock on!

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To the gorgeous and saucy [personal profile] heyhoolou ! Sorry I couldn't get this ready on the day. I hope you had a great one!

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That's it really. I hope you all have an excellent 2013 coming up!

(No silly graphic this year, sadly. Maybe next year.)
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To the rockin' [ profile] roeskva ! Not as silly a card as I planned, but a card it is! :oP

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Since I'll be without internet on the day, here is a prezzie for [personal profile] rosied  a few days in advance. Have an awesome day on the 21st!

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To the wonderful ball of awesomeness that is Ahavia! I hope everything is well with you. You're in my prayers.


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