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Title: That's How It Is.
Fandom: Merlin BBC.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Rating: R (for vague mentions of sex)
Word count: 838
Spoilers: Set somewhere in season 1-3.
Warnings: None.
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything even remotely related to Merlin.
Beta: [ profile] tli  took a peek at it. Thank you!
Notes: Canon era.
Summary: Arthur didn't expect it to be like this.


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Title: A Night To Remember.
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3015
Spoilers: None.
Warnings: Very tiny hint of dub-con.
Feedback: Yes please.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything even remotely related to BBC Merlin.
Beta: [ profile] tli went above and beyond, listening to me whine over this and offering repeated betaing as I kept changing stuff. YOU ARE AWESOME!
Notes: Modern AU, established relationship.
Summary: Gwen accidentally witnesses something she really rather wouldn't have.

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Working title: "Ramalama."
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Other stuff: Yes, the title refers to the song "Ramalama Bang Bang" by Roisin Murphy, and it's also included in the fic.
Word count: 2268 so far.

Originally this bunny was jotted down like this:

Arthur is a dancer, in town with a show. Every show he dances to Rama lama bang bang. It's a pure sex dance, and every show he picks someone out from the audience and has serious eye sex with them. One night he picks Merlin. Merlin falls for him, only to find out he's a complete snob off-stage. Trouble for Arthur is, he also falls for Merlin and has to learn some hard lessons in humility before they can get together.

Notes: If I ever get back to work on this fic, I greatly suspect it'll end up being long as fuck. Because every time I start poking at it, more plot points fall out. *pulls hair*

First the idea was just that Arthur was sexy on stage, but snooty as fuck off stage in a very general way, but it gets more and more detailed as I go along. Most of it is the fact that he's absurdly talented, and used to being treated like the golden boy he is. Morgana runs the show he travels with, and is the only one who regularly tells him when he's being a dick. Which is pretty much always. But she's his sister, so in Arthur's mind, she totally doesn't count. I have scenes thought out of Arthur dating only the prettiest girls, and not giving two shits about their feelings, only deciding by his own level of comfort how long the relationships last. He's never had to pursue anyone. Who he wants, he gets. And he KNOWS he's drop-dead sexy, which he uses to his advantage every chance he gets.

Merlin is in school, probably university. He goes to Arthur's show mostly against his will, and ends up being the "victim" of the night. Arthur loves toying with the audience, and every night he picks one "lucky" person to have filthy eye-sex/dance-off with, and of course he ends up picking Merlin. Merlin leaves the show with a major boner and a brand new fanboy crush. Arthur barely remembers him.

At Gwen's insistence Merlin tries to get Arthur's autograph, but is disgusted by what a major prick he is. He says some really snarky things to Arthur, who hardly believes his own ears. Because who would say such things to him!? He's gorgeous! Everybody knows it!

Enter next plot point. Merlin's mum runs a charity for kids, and because Gwen is a blabbermouth, Hunith gets the impression that Merlin is able to get in and talk with Arthur, and ask if he would volunteer a few hours of charity work, teaching some poor kids to dance. Merlin of course despairs but can't say no. It's for charity, after all.

Much to his surprise, Arthur agrees to see him and even accepts the proposal. Because of course it's eating him up that Merlin dared be so rude to him, and for some strange (pfft) reason, it actually matters to him what the big-eared bean-stalk thinks of him.

I think the rest should be obvious from here.

Notes about the following snippet: Yes, the music here is Ramalama Bang Bang. It's a seriously sexy song, just FYI. And if you're wondering how Arthur looks, this is where I've looked to for inspiration. Just... imagine that stuff on Arthur's entire upper body. *distracted* Uhm... yes. Moving on.

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Working title: "MerlinCrossover."
Fandom: BBC Merlin / Disney's Sword in the Stone.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Other stuff: Yeah, I went there.
Word count: 1418 so far.

I know this has been done to death, but I couldn't help it. So there.

Notes: I know this has been done a few times already, but the resemblance between adorably gangly Colin Morgan and Disney's Merlin, complete with crooked pointy hat is just too good to leave alone. Plus, it's my headcanon that Merlin will inevitably end up with a talking owl in whatever incarnation I'm watching. Besides, putting a shippy spin on my childhood Disney is equal parts disturbing and hilarious. :oP

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Working title: "Squire Duties"
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur.
Other stuff: ---.
Word count: 400-ish so far.

This is basically a "Merlin discovered gay sex" bunny.

Notes: Thing is, I imagine most of Arthur's knights have squires. Not that we really ever see them, but still. But we all know that Arthur seems to rely on Merlin for all those squire things. Carrying his jousting lances, taking care of his horse, cleaning his armor...
So the bunny goes that Merlin walks in on one of Arthur's knights (I picked Sir Kay, just because), being "serviced" somehow by his squire, and at first he's horrified, because he thinks that the squire is being raped. But shortly he realizes not only that the squire totally loves it, but also that this is a regular occurrence. And somewhere along the way, whatever is being said (I haven't figured out the details yet) makes Merlin wonder if this thing is something all squires are expected to do. Which in turn makes him wonder why Arthur doesn't have a squire, and from there to wondering if this is something Merlin is supposed to offer Arthur as well.

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Fandom Survey. (Whatever. Call it what they like, but it's basically a meme.) Grabbed from [ profile] xiilnek

Also, I apologize if this gets really fucking long, but I need something to distract me from this horrendous cough!

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So here's what I'm watching at the moment:

Shows I will keep watching:
Castle: Can't stop watching this, even though the Castle/Beckett thing needs to go somewhere soon. Or I'll bust a vessel or two.
NCIS: This show seems incapable of disappointing me, ever. *loves*
Hawaii Five-0: While it's not my favorite show ever, it's good entertainment and my shippy heart delights in the Steve/Danny banter.
Supernatural: It breaks my heart over and over and over again... and yet... can't stop. Although I still haven't dared to watch the latest episode. Bobby... *tapes heart back together again*
Merlin: Thank god I mostly watch it for the slash, because otherwise I would probably have been even more disappointed with it than I am. And if it wasn't for the epic (yet somewhat ridiculous) love story of Arthur and Merlin, I would probably stop watching.
Criminal Minds: I'm still heavily in love with those characters. Can't ever stop watching.

Shows I'm conflicted about:
Leverage: I adore the characters but lately I've been a little bored. This saddens me.
CSI Miami: I used to love this show so much, but these last couple of seasons have been mainstream and boring. And holy shit, who ever chooses the music segments should be FIRED!
The Mentalist: It's good but.... is it really that good? I dunno.

What I'm probably going to stop watching:
Flashpoint: Started watching at the recommendation of a friend, and while it's good entertainment, I find myself not caring about the characters at all. And I have to admit that without connection to the characters, I can't enjoy a show half as much.
Once Upon a Time: I gave it a look and while it's kinda fun, it's also a little too weird. And the characters are hard for me to relate to.
House: It's almost baffling to me how I've watched the entire series and not gotten more attached to it than this. I'm only mildly interested and that's frankly not enough to keep going.
Sanctuary: Holy crap, some of the latest episodes are truly craptastic! If it wasn't for Tesla I would have stopped watching long before now. But one more like the musical episode and even Tesla can't save it for me.

Stuff I'm waiting for:
Sherlock will be back in only a few weeks! *flails happily*
White Collar. My god, that cliffhanger will kill me if we don't get some news soon.

Wow. I need a life.

Merlin 4x10

Dec. 6th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Poop. Some people in easy-to-spot overalls are digging up the parking lot outside with big machines. I don't know what they're doing, but my internet is slow as fuck. *whine* Also, the hot water is off until 5 pm or so. Good thing I showered yesterday.

I should really do something today. Anything. The apartment is a complete mess and I've been promising myself for weeks to clean up just a little. We'll see how it goes. I'm not keeping my hopes up. Weirdly, I'm better at cleaning when Pea is around. Maybe I prefer company for my torture. Or maybe it's just because it's impossible to fangirl with a 2-year old around.

Finally found me some SPN icons, but only on DW. I still refuse to pay for LJ. After all that dickery and more still rolling in, I am NOT throwing money at them! At least that's what I keep telling myself. There are certain paid features I miss horribly. Like the "view in my style" option. Purple letters on green background?? Really?? Who could possibly think that's a good idea for a large chunk of text? *dies*

In other news, I cannot get my printer/scanner to connect. This pisses me off, because I actually managed a piece of fanart that I kinda wanna share. I may have to be inventive and take a picture of it instead. This might mean more editing in photoshop, but I can live with that.

Still watching a shitload of shows.

Merlin is finally coming back to its old glory from the early seasons and the last episode was pure gold. *hugs it.*
Castle is going strong and amuses me greatly. Although the Castle/Beckett tension is really wearing thin. That arc needs to move on somehow. And soon. I don't care which way it goes, but drawing it out to this extent is getting ridiculous.
NCIS is awesome as always. Never change, show.
CSI MIami on the other hand... where did my cheese go? My one-liners? It's becoming woefully generic. You're breaking my heart, people!
Fringe is still confusing as hell, but that's half the charm. And the actors make it impossible to stop watching. Just sayin'.
Criminal Minds. Oh boy. So heavy to watch but so goooooooood.
Sanctuary is a mixed bag. There's the usual half-heartedness in some places, plotholes in others, but the characters remain charming, and as long as they keep bringing back Tesla, I'll keep watching.
And then of course there's Supernatural. It's been years since a show has made me THIS emotional, on all levels. I blame the actors. Those goddamn talented, beautiful fuckers.

Merlin 4x5

Oct. 30th, 2011 10:17 am
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No spoilers. Just... yes. Yes, this is how it's done! I CANNOT FIND A SINGLE THING NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THIS EPISODE! *flails happily*
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Excuse me for a moment, while I squee my head off.

*runs around, flailing arms and generally acts like a complete ninny*

Okay, I'm good now.
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Finally got around to watching Merlin. No spoilers. But I'm torn. I'm not sure what I think of the way things are developing. But then again, I'm not opposed to keep watching either.

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Today's pairing: Colin Morgan/Bradley James.

Fanfic rec: Half-full by [info]junkshop_disco

Well, I actually had planned to rec something else but I just could not seem to find it anywhere. So instead, I give you some amazing and completely unashamed porn. Or at least some one-sided servicing. This stuff is HOT, people!

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Well, it's Sunday and technically I'm out of series to pimp. Mostly because the rest of them are on hiatus or in the dark on whether or not they get another season.

So here's a quick list of what I'm waiting for:

Primeval, season 5, of course. (May seems a loooooong time off.)
Merlin, season 4. (Probably won't come back until 2012. *heavy sight* )
Sanctuary, season 4. (Hopefully airing this autumn.)

Also, I just watched the pilot of Fringe (thanks once again to [info]tli) and I might just have to watch all of the as well.

While I wait for more episodes of the above, I have a folder full of discs of goodies from - yeah, guess who - [info]tli and I'm also revisiting my childhood by watching Gargoyles. *sigh* There were doodles of that show ALL over my school notebooks back then. Maybe I'll dig out some of my better sketches and scan them if anyone cares to see them.

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Title: Just the Way He Was.
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Rating: R.
Word count: 645.
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Arthur contemplates the difficulties of being involved with Merlin.
Warnings: Nothing I can think of.
Beta: [info]tli! Thank you, Darling!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything at all and I certainly don't make any money from writing this.

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Title: Unacknowledged Favors.
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Rating: NC-17.
Word count: 2376
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Arthur and Merlin caught in a tiny hut, a blizzard outside. What more do you need?
Warnings: Poooooooorn. Just a tiny hint of dub-con.
Beta: [info]tli! Thank you, Darling!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything at all and I certainly don't make any money from writing this.

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Title: In Which There Is Drunken Snogging and Plotting Girls.
Fandom: BBC's Merlin
Rating: Pg-13.
Word count: 728
Characters/pairings: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Modern day AU. Things happen when you get drunk.
Warnings: None I can think of.
Beta: [info]tli! Thank you, Darling!
Disclaimer: I don't own anything at all and I certainly don't make any money from writing this.

In Which There is Drunken Snogging and Girls Plotting.

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