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Now for something more pleasant.

There's next to nothing fandom related going on either on Dreamwidth or Livejournal these days. At least not on my f-list or the communities I frequent. There are some fics being posted, but almost all of them are WIPs, and I just can't read WIPs. Especially not several at a time. It's a mixed problem on my part. I'm so very tempted to read everything, but I get confused too easily and goddammit, if the writing is really good, then the mere idea of the WIP never reaching an ending upsets me to the point of being unreasonable about it. So I prefer to wait it out.

So these days I mostly stick to Tumblr. My Supernatural cravings in particular are being sated there. But wow, I clearly do not take it as seriously as most of my followers/followed do. I don't see it as a serious blog at all, not for me. I'm still having difficulties posting stuff there and the search engine went suddenly from being awesome to impossible. Not sure how or when. :oS I don't really understand the point of the questions and fanmail (isn't it what we do with memes on LJ? Is it something to do with the word limit on asks? I dunno.) or indeed the desperation some people seem to exhibit when requesting it. I hate not being able to leave longer comments on things and reblogging the same post for every single reply in a lengthy debate is just hurting my eyes and my scroll finger in the end.

But it seems to be where everything happens these days. And I do adore gifs to an unhealthy degree. And I seem to have gotten myself a Tumblr wife. Whaddya know. :oP

Apart from that, I sort of half-heartedly check Twitter every now and then. If I'm lucky, I can find a couple of people to IM with a few hours every night. And that's pretty much the extent of my social life. Which I suppose is why I fill my head with fannish pursuits.


I joined a birthday fic challenge on a whim and chose a tiny prompt, because I hoped it would be a nice little thing to boost my writing mojo. Of course, it just had to turn into a 10k word monster, which I was seriously worried wouldn't be finished in time. But only last night I managed to reach an ending, and while it's not my best fic ever, I actually think it turned out very well. I do so hope the recipient likes it. :o)

Tumblr also has a Sabriel (Sam/Gabriel) week coming up and I would really like to offer something daily for it. Not sure what it would be, though. Writing would be the immediate choice, but graphics could also be fun. Haven't fiddled with my dear photoshop in ages. But I guess it all depends on energy, time and inspiration. It's from April 1st to April 8th, so I've got a little time to decide, yet. It's perfect, though, because the birthday fic is Sam/Gabriel and is due on the 7th of April. :oP

As usual I have a bazillion WIPs in my folders and I can't seem to focus on one at a time. Most of my writing this year has actually been done in my RP with [ profile] martiya_khvar , but I'm doubtful any of that writing will actually interest anybody else. Except maybe the sex scenes. I dunno. Would any SPN fans on my F-list like to read an awful lot of Crowley/OMC sex? Because that's pretty much all that's going on. Best RP ever. :oP

Other stuff:

My embroidery project has pretty much screeched to a halt with all the stressing over all the people and stuff going on in my life, but I have a year before it's needed, since I'm told there's no plans for any sort of baptism or naming ceremony. So the plan is to make the picture a 1-year birthday gift for the baby. I can also report that even though I managed to make an incredibly big fuck-up, I also managed to fix it without panicking. Go me.

My other fannish pursuits involves reading an awful lot of fic. Right now I'm craving smutty Merlin/Arthur or Bradley/Colin fic. Thank god for the kinkmeme. :oP I've also dipped my toe into SPN RPS. I've read a little of everything by now, I think, but weirdly, the only pairing that truly appeals to me in that area is Misha/Jared. I'm not entirely sure why. I just like them together. And it's absolutely no problem for me to have Misha/Jared smut open in one tab and squee over Jared and Gen's baby in another. I'm easy like that.

And while we're on the subject of SPN...

TV: (No real spoilers here.)

SPN: CAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!! After all the angsting and expecting the worst from Castiel's return episode, we were instead gifted with PURE GOLD! I made so many strange noises I hope my neighbours don't end up thinking some exotic animals are breeding in here. When the trench coat appeared, I fear I may have made a noise not unlike a penguin being strangled. And there are at least 2 more episodes to come!! *runs around flailing arms*

Everything else seems to pale compared to SPN, actually... But in short:

Community got renewed. Yay!
NCIS is good as always.
Castle is going down a notch in my estimation for every episode where the Castle/Beckett part is being ignored.
CSI Miami is now finally behind me. Cannot bear it anymore. *sob*
Fringe is kinda breaking my heart along with my brain. I'm very conflicted about my feelings on this matter, but I'm still totally hooked.
H50 is being entertaining, but unimpressive. Thankfully there is slash. So much beautiful Danny/Steve.

And I think that's it for now.

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So here's what I'm watching at the moment:

Shows I will keep watching:
Castle: Can't stop watching this, even though the Castle/Beckett thing needs to go somewhere soon. Or I'll bust a vessel or two.
NCIS: This show seems incapable of disappointing me, ever. *loves*
Hawaii Five-0: While it's not my favorite show ever, it's good entertainment and my shippy heart delights in the Steve/Danny banter.
Supernatural: It breaks my heart over and over and over again... and yet... can't stop. Although I still haven't dared to watch the latest episode. Bobby... *tapes heart back together again*
Merlin: Thank god I mostly watch it for the slash, because otherwise I would probably have been even more disappointed with it than I am. And if it wasn't for the epic (yet somewhat ridiculous) love story of Arthur and Merlin, I would probably stop watching.
Criminal Minds: I'm still heavily in love with those characters. Can't ever stop watching.

Shows I'm conflicted about:
Leverage: I adore the characters but lately I've been a little bored. This saddens me.
CSI Miami: I used to love this show so much, but these last couple of seasons have been mainstream and boring. And holy shit, who ever chooses the music segments should be FIRED!
The Mentalist: It's good but.... is it really that good? I dunno.

What I'm probably going to stop watching:
Flashpoint: Started watching at the recommendation of a friend, and while it's good entertainment, I find myself not caring about the characters at all. And I have to admit that without connection to the characters, I can't enjoy a show half as much.
Once Upon a Time: I gave it a look and while it's kinda fun, it's also a little too weird. And the characters are hard for me to relate to.
House: It's almost baffling to me how I've watched the entire series and not gotten more attached to it than this. I'm only mildly interested and that's frankly not enough to keep going.
Sanctuary: Holy crap, some of the latest episodes are truly craptastic! If it wasn't for Tesla I would have stopped watching long before now. But one more like the musical episode and even Tesla can't save it for me.

Stuff I'm waiting for:
Sherlock will be back in only a few weeks! *flails happily*
White Collar. My god, that cliffhanger will kill me if we don't get some news soon.

Wow. I need a life.

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Poop. Some people in easy-to-spot overalls are digging up the parking lot outside with big machines. I don't know what they're doing, but my internet is slow as fuck. *whine* Also, the hot water is off until 5 pm or so. Good thing I showered yesterday.

I should really do something today. Anything. The apartment is a complete mess and I've been promising myself for weeks to clean up just a little. We'll see how it goes. I'm not keeping my hopes up. Weirdly, I'm better at cleaning when Pea is around. Maybe I prefer company for my torture. Or maybe it's just because it's impossible to fangirl with a 2-year old around.

Finally found me some SPN icons, but only on DW. I still refuse to pay for LJ. After all that dickery and more still rolling in, I am NOT throwing money at them! At least that's what I keep telling myself. There are certain paid features I miss horribly. Like the "view in my style" option. Purple letters on green background?? Really?? Who could possibly think that's a good idea for a large chunk of text? *dies*

In other news, I cannot get my printer/scanner to connect. This pisses me off, because I actually managed a piece of fanart that I kinda wanna share. I may have to be inventive and take a picture of it instead. This might mean more editing in photoshop, but I can live with that.

Still watching a shitload of shows.

Merlin is finally coming back to its old glory from the early seasons and the last episode was pure gold. *hugs it.*
Castle is going strong and amuses me greatly. Although the Castle/Beckett tension is really wearing thin. That arc needs to move on somehow. And soon. I don't care which way it goes, but drawing it out to this extent is getting ridiculous.
NCIS is awesome as always. Never change, show.
CSI MIami on the other hand... where did my cheese go? My one-liners? It's becoming woefully generic. You're breaking my heart, people!
Fringe is still confusing as hell, but that's half the charm. And the actors make it impossible to stop watching. Just sayin'.
Criminal Minds. Oh boy. So heavy to watch but so goooooooood.
Sanctuary is a mixed bag. There's the usual half-heartedness in some places, plotholes in others, but the characters remain charming, and as long as they keep bringing back Tesla, I'll keep watching.
And then of course there's Supernatural. It's been years since a show has made me THIS emotional, on all levels. I blame the actors. Those goddamn talented, beautiful fuckers.
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No spoiler, but I just watched episode 9x04. And my god, I need tissues. The love is like... I don't have words. But I'm seriously crying my eyes out here. It's so beautiful. And I don't even ship it.

Thank you, NCIS. Thank you.
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I need to make a fandom post. All worry and no play makes me a saaaaaaad puppy.

So without further ado, here's the completely spoiler-ridden overview of what I'm somehow managing to keep up with TV-wise.

Possible spoilers for House, Hawaii 5-0, Castle, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Flashpoint, Community, The Mentalist, Supernatural, Fringe and CSI Miami. *pant* )
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I watch a lot of TV shows. A lot. And inevitably, when you watch as much as I do, after a while you pick up patterns. It's understandable, because certain things just work. Some things will almost always entertain a large portion of the population, so I can't blame the various players in the entertainment indistry for following the known success recipes. Which brings me to the gimmick.

I prefer watching shows where I get invested in the characters. So, predictably, there are a lot of character plots in my favorite shows. Which means that sometimes a character is the plot. And certain types of people are always a plot in themselves. Meaning that certain people are cast simply because their looks is the center of a plot.  It has taken me a long time to realise this, but now that I have, it grates on me.

I guess it's what people think of as sterotypes. And yet, not always, unless the term "different" is a stereotype in itself. Semantics. The point is that I recently caught myself expecting a certain plot when the "different" person appeared on the screen. I was somewhat mortified with myself because I thought I was more open than this. I thought I was beyond the point where I expected something extra from anyone not fitting into the fairly narrow category of mainstream entertainment characters. White, slim, heterosexual, confident, pretty. That seems to be the formular to be a character in most TV shows. If you're anything but that, when you appear on screen, people know you're the gimmick. They know that you're about to get special treatment. The gay man, the fat kid, heck- even a woman is still occasionally the gimmick. You'll know it when you see it.

And it saddens me.

I'm not saying that non-gimmick "different" characters don't exist, but you can't deny that they're rare. And more often than not, when "different" people are not the gimmick, it's most likely because they appear in a show where the entire cast are various shades of "different." The entire show can easily be the gimmick.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know that a lot of TV shows base their entire existence on focussing on something "different" but even in those shows, there is a template for being a character, as opposed to a gimmick. And honestly? I'm starting to hate the gimmick.

It's a distinct possibility that my recent hatred of the gimmick is born from my own "difference". I'm the fat chick. If I wasn't fat, I'd probably fade back into obscurity quite nicley, but I'm in a weight class now where I get noticed for it. If I were a character in a TV show, I'd have a plot. Most defintely.

I think what I'm getting at is that it bothers me that people aren't just people. Some people are people. Others are gimmicks.

TL;DR? Wake me up when Gene Roddenberry's future arrives and all Humans are just Humans. When the world includes black war heroes, female admirals, gay presidents and alien noses of the week.


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TV I'm watching:

Kinda spoilers under here for NCIS and Criminal Minds )

To round things off, some interest was shown in my Ceramic Badger. So here he is!

Look at 'iiimmmmmmmm! Isn't he cute!

He has this wonderful smooth back. I pet him a lot.      ...What? He's cute!!!

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Today: NICS.

Possible spoilers under here. Just so you know. )
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I'm only posting this under extreme pressure. It's horrible. It lacks something very vital... like... I dunno... an actual story??

Anywho, don't blame me. If it were up to me, it would have stayed locked up in my deepest darkest folder forever. But I was bribed with lovely gay art and pressured way beyond my limits, so here it is, without further ado:

Title: The NCIS Fanfic With No Plot.
Fandom: NCIS.
Pairings: Sort of Gibbs/DiNozzo if you squint.
Rating: Something like PG-13. For mild injury.
Word Count: 595
Beta: I don't know if I should even reveal this. She might not want people to know she let me post this...
Feedback: If you must...
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
Summary: A slap gone bad.

Completely pointless cut )

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I've finally had enough of reading about how people hate this or that character, simply because they are being ordinary in a sea of awesome. Because, let's face it: Would we really want to watch a series about people who were in no way awesome? Or at the very least, out of the ordinary in some way or other? But sadly, this exposes the supporting (and everyday) characters to a lot of hate, which they - in my view - totally don't deserve.

So, without further ado, here is my defence of a few hated characters that I either love or at least find pleasant to watch.

Keiko O'Brien.
She's bitchy, demanding, moody and occasionally whiny. Much like my mother in law. But Keiko is a family person, who, for the love and support of her husband, has agreed to live about as far away from Earth as possible for an unspecified length of time. Since the O'Briens are from Earth, they are not under any pressure to earn money to live, so she is doing this solely for Miles, laying her own career on ice, just to be mother and wife on a war-trashed space station on the edge of the Federation. She's surrounded by people who are doing what they love, in one capacity or another, while she can only try to make things better for her child. Which she fights for, tooth and nail.
At least until Yoshi comes along (and with him, Kira), she is left practically alone. We never hear of any friends of hers, other than whoever Miles brings home when he is finally done with the never-ending repairs to poor DS9, who cannot live without him for 2 seconds.
And as if that wasn't enough, the entire series seems intent on torturing Miles, leaving Keiko to pick up the pieces every time. Which she has done.
So if she's prickly and annoying, when Miles finally has the opportunity to spend time with her or make changes to their life beneficial to Keiko and then chooses not to, I can't blame her. She's an ordinary person trying to cope under enormous pressure in her daily life. And I admire her for that.

Ronald Weasly.

I don't get the Ron-haters. I really don't. As far as I see, he's a refreshing break from all the awesome in the whole Harry Potter universe. He's a little stupid, a bit of an ass, occasionally unreasonable and annoying. But honestly, I'd take him over Harry, Hermione AND Snape any day. As awesome as they are in their own way, I would never be comfortable around them. Ron is a mediocre guy with a huge heart and knowing full well that he will never be anywhere near as awesome as most of his friends, he sticks by them and does his best. Even if his best sometimes brings him up short, I still love him. Because he's only Human.

Jimmy Palmer.
He's dorky, clumsy, over-entusiastic about dead people and has a very poor sense of what's appropriate. He's not one of the top students in his class, he doesn't have badass skills or a winning personality. Basically, he's life-challenged. But he means well, does his job and likes it, even when everybody look down on him or simply ignore him entirely. He works hard to overcome his shortcomings and in my mind, that makes him awesome in his own way.

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Caught up on Merlin and Castle. Too lazy to review. But I was ok with the latest of each.

Now watching JAG from start to finish. Oh my. It's so beautifully cheesy. I completely forgot how epically corny it was at first. Ah. Those were the days.

In other news, I was dozing off in bed last night when I suddenly got an image in my head of Abby and Gibbs kissing. My god, it feels so wrong and yet... fuck it. Now I ship them. In a really fucked up way. *sigh*

And to make matters worse, it sort of blended with a fic idea I've had for a while about a crossover with NCIS/Criminal Minds. Epic potential y/y? Picture it: Tony drooling over Prentiss, who in turn is drooling over Ziva. Abby and Garcia getting on like a house on fire, Gibbs and Hotch having serious!face showdowns and Vance watching it all from upstairs with Rossi, exchanging war stories or something. Epic. Oh yes.

If only I had any hope of actually writing it. *sigh*

So sick...

Oct. 4th, 2010 10:45 pm
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So I can't be arsed to quote something. Sorry. But I did catch up on my TV series of the week.

Once again, spoilers for Criminal Minds, Castle, NCIS and Merlin. )
Now if I could just stop coughing, feeling nauseas and aching all over...
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Some short notes on all the series I suddenly find myself following this year.

Spoilers under here for Merlin, NCIS, Criminal Minds and Castle. )

Just waiting for CSI Miami season 9 now. How did I become such a couch potato???

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I feel it should bother me that I'm seriously considering ordering it right the fuck now, even though it's $40. :oS

UPDATE: Well, shit. I bought it. Doesn't ship until Nov. 1. Gah. CAN'T WAIT!!!

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Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

[ profile] mithrel  gave me:

DS9, NCIS, Merlin and Van Helsing.

Garak. No doubt about it. Ever since I laid eyes on the first Cardassian, they have been my favorite alien race of all time. And then Garak waltzed in with his weird mix of slithering sly, flirty faggety and mealtime mysteries. HOW COULD I NOT LOVE IT?? And it keeps me coming back. Whenever I think I'm running out of plot bunnies or fangasms for DS9, Garak always pops into my head and says: "You didn't forget about me now, did you?" And of course I never can.

This one is really hard, because I love them all. But I do think Abby might just win the race, simply because she's such a unique blend of brilliance and cuteness. And she's always herself. No matter what. Be it her clothes or her bowling night with the nuns. I adore her. I could have cilled that fucking midget for dumping her because she was too tall! Also, I have a really soft spot for Palmer and somewhere deep in my heart, I think I ship Abby/Palmer. *blush*

Merlin himself is my favorite in this one. Mostly because he's someone so screamingly ordinary, yet with such an extraordinary destiny and amazing gift. And I blame Colin Morgan for being so goddamn hot. Merlin is supposed to be dorky, but damn if I don't drool my way through every other episode. Kilgarrah comes in as a close second. Just because he's a talking dragon. And because he lols.

Van Helsing:
I always have a soft spot for the geeks, so naturally, Carl the self-proclaimed genius is my boy! He's got confidence enough to fill a cathedral and frankly, it's warranted. Because he really is brilliant, and yet he cares so much for Van Helsing, even while he is somewhat socially awkward. And despite how lightly he takes his monk/friar status, I do think he's a devoted catholic in his own way.
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From [ profile] fannish5  as usual:

Name five characters whose fashion sense you admire.

In no particular order:

Cut because... HUGE!! )

Phew... this got kinda long. Sorry bout that.
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[ profile] fannish5 strikes again.

Name the five most annoying characters ever.

Not in any real order...

I can has LJ-cut? )
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I suddenly have a craving to write NCIS fanfiction. I have an idea to a wonderfully slashy Tony story... but I can't decide who to pair him up with! Gibbs? Nah... McGee??? Nopes... no probie-porn... Vance?! Yuck! Palmer... Nah... Ducky? NOOO!

Then... who do we have?

Maybe... maybe a crossover between NCIS and JAG? They are sister-series after all...

Tony/Harm??? Ooooohhhhh..... Now that has potential!!
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Considering I still have very few friends here to tag me with anything funny, I just snag funny stuff when I see it for myself. Cause that's how I am. 

Snagged this meme from [ profile] tli .

The Anti-ship meme.
The rules are simple: List 10 popular (or even unpopular... and preferably canon, because it's more evil that way) ships that you just do.not.ship./can.not.ship./will.not.ship. period. It doesn't matter what your reasons are, but tell us why anyway! Because anti-ships deserve as much passion as real ships do!

Apologies in advance to anyone wildly shipping any of my anti-ships. Feel free to do so. Just don't expect me to like it.

Not in any particular order )


Jul. 9th, 2008 10:59 pm
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A few icons I made especially for LJ.


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