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I have these tiny fics I wrote for... well, my own fun, basically. I haven't posted them because I didn't think they were very good, but maybe someone would like to read them? Please let me know if any of these tickle your fancy:

All of these are in the SPN fandom.

Trials and Tantrums: Kidfic basically. Just an evening in the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, having settled down to take care of Dean's kid. Rated PG or something, not much really happens. Mostly just an excuse to write daddy!Dean and some domestic brotherly co-habitation.

A Thousand Years: Dean/Castiel. Also PG-ish. 900 words. Total and utter pulp romance of the soulmate variety, with a vaguely angsty ending.

Call You Sweetheart: Dean/Castiel. R-ish. 250 or so words of Dean using endearments, and not much else. Schmoooooop.

Untitled: Pre-Dean/Castiel. 500 words. Cas visits a sex shop because he believes in thorough research.

Untitled: Crowley/OMC: Asphyxiation and blood-kink sex. NC-17, 3000-ish words. My RP partner's OC has a thing with Crowley and some dub-con happens. I was told by someone not in the fandom that it was hot, so maybe it's worth a posting.

Untitled: OFC/OMC. NC-17. 2600 words. The RP mentioned above... this one is two of my characters getting it on. Het pwp, a few complicated emotional issues and a little angst, but mostly just porn.

Melt in My Arms: Sam/Gabriel 500-ish words of cuddles.

Like any of them? Lemme know and I'll have them cleaned up for posting. :o)
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