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To the kinky and amazing [personal profile] syredronning ! I hope your day is totally awesome!
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Two days ago my beautiful boy turned 4! YAY! In celebration, here is a little video of fun times in the garden. :o)

In other news, we should know Friday what the new county thinks should happen. Fingers crossed that they'll let him stay with me!

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To the most epic and badass [personal profile] lonespark !

As promised, here is your prezzie:


I hope your day is awesome!

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To Alex, the number one authority on all things Picard, and an allround great guy. May your day be all things awesome and brilliant. I apologize for the lack of silly graphic this year, but I wish you a super day all the same, [ profile] mr_picard !
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To the most awesome and magnificent [personal profile] angrboda !

I'm afraid there will be no silly graphic this time around. So sorry. I hope you have an excellent day anyway!

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To the rockin' [ profile] lady_rilwen ! Hope you have a great one!

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To the badass and bodacious [personal profile] birggitt ! Peace and love, baby!

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To the talented and awesome [personal profile] romankate ! Rock on!

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To the gorgeous and saucy [personal profile] heyhoolou ! Sorry I couldn't get this ready on the day. I hope you had a great one!

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To the rockin' [ profile] roeskva ! Not as silly a card as I planned, but a card it is! :oP

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Since I'll be without internet on the day, here is a prezzie for [personal profile] rosied  a few days in advance. Have an awesome day on the 21st!

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To the wonderful ball of awesomeness that is Ahavia! I hope everything is well with you. You're in my prayers.

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To the magnificent [ profile] mithrel !

Edit: Arrrrrrggggh, I just noticed the typo! OMFG I'm so sorry. I'll write you some smut or something to make it up to you!


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