Mar. 6th, 2013 09:36 am
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Just had a small unfollow spree. I'm pretty sure I only unfollowed people I haven't communicated with for over a year. If I accidentally unfollowed you and you don't get why, then please do let me know so I can fix it.
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Hmm. I'm really damn tempted to do the 100 Things Challenge. Because I think I have an idea on how to make it a multi-purpose challenge for myself.

See, I have at least 100 WIPs or at the very least plot bunnies lying around. I suspect that if I posted snippets and maybe even shared some of my thought processes behind them, then maybe I'd end up actually finishing some things. And that would be seriously awesome!

What do you guys think? 100 posts about fics that aren't finished? Torture? Teasing? Insanity?

It's tempting, that's for damn sure...

*le sigh*

Nov. 21st, 2011 06:32 am
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I'm getting really sick of this. After changing my LJ layout I kept noticing coding fuck-ups in my older posts. I spent hours fixing them until I realized that I would never get all of them done.  So I changed my layout back to the old one. So now the text coding works again. But we're back to the old problem of pics being sliced in half.

This is getting really frickin' old. *gnashing teeth*

Oh well. Only a couple more podfics to go until they're all properly set up. Then I can start making more.

Meanwhile, I've indulged myself a bit writing-wise this past week. I've written a few things which I really don't think will ever be postable, but I had great fun writing them. I think I might do that more. Just write shit with no pressure of actually making it reader-friendly. It's soothing in a way.

Speaking of soothing, I think I'm gonna watch some more Supernatural. Hammer of the Gods, to be exact. Gabriel schmoozing up Kali has a way of making my panties combust. Unf. Yes, please. I'm crushing on Richard Speight Jr so badly that I'll overlook the grating liberties taken with certain deities and the fact that Gabriel ends up dead, just to hear him go: "Still love me?". *melts*

Yes, please. More.
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And now I'm not allowed to edit my own posts?!? LIVEJOURNAL, THIS IS NOT OKAY!!

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Apparently my journal layout decided it didn't like my journal and promptly shaved off half of every picture I posted. So I had to get a new one. This has left me so unimpressed it's ridiculous. *pulls hair*

I'm gonna go write myself some smooshy, cutesy, possibly-OOC-but-see-if-I-care, fluffy Dean/Cas. So there.
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Really, LJ. That time of the month, again??

First my post about my latest podfic didn't crosspost due to no connection to LJ. Then all of a sudden I cannot post to [ profile] doctor_tailor because apparently LJ has decided that it wants half my posts moderated. I managed to get one little questioning post in before it wouldn't allow me any more because I already have one post queued. *le sigh* If it stays that way I'll have to track down the moderators somehow.

I'm freakishly tempted to start my own doctor_tailor here on DW instead. It's not like I lack invite codes or anything.

There were other things I wanted to post, but I am now truly cranky. Thanks, LJ, you assbutt.

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And now LJ is fucking up again.

Still not paying.

*gnashing of teeth*
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Poop. Some people in easy-to-spot overalls are digging up the parking lot outside with big machines. I don't know what they're doing, but my internet is slow as fuck. *whine* Also, the hot water is off until 5 pm or so. Good thing I showered yesterday.

I should really do something today. Anything. The apartment is a complete mess and I've been promising myself for weeks to clean up just a little. We'll see how it goes. I'm not keeping my hopes up. Weirdly, I'm better at cleaning when Pea is around. Maybe I prefer company for my torture. Or maybe it's just because it's impossible to fangirl with a 2-year old around.

Finally found me some SPN icons, but only on DW. I still refuse to pay for LJ. After all that dickery and more still rolling in, I am NOT throwing money at them! At least that's what I keep telling myself. There are certain paid features I miss horribly. Like the "view in my style" option. Purple letters on green background?? Really?? Who could possibly think that's a good idea for a large chunk of text? *dies*

In other news, I cannot get my printer/scanner to connect. This pisses me off, because I actually managed a piece of fanart that I kinda wanna share. I may have to be inventive and take a picture of it instead. This might mean more editing in photoshop, but I can live with that.

Still watching a shitload of shows.

Merlin is finally coming back to its old glory from the early seasons and the last episode was pure gold. *hugs it.*
Castle is going strong and amuses me greatly. Although the Castle/Beckett tension is really wearing thin. That arc needs to move on somehow. And soon. I don't care which way it goes, but drawing it out to this extent is getting ridiculous.
NCIS is awesome as always. Never change, show.
CSI MIami on the other hand... where did my cheese go? My one-liners? It's becoming woefully generic. You're breaking my heart, people!
Fringe is still confusing as hell, but that's half the charm. And the actors make it impossible to stop watching. Just sayin'.
Criminal Minds. Oh boy. So heavy to watch but so goooooooood.
Sanctuary is a mixed bag. There's the usual half-heartedness in some places, plotholes in others, but the characters remain charming, and as long as they keep bringing back Tesla, I'll keep watching.
And then of course there's Supernatural. It's been years since a show has made me THIS emotional, on all levels. I blame the actors. Those goddamn talented, beautiful fuckers.
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To the beautiful and awesome [personal profile] taricalmcacil !!

No birthday cards while my PC is down for the count, but here's a fic instead!


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To the smooth and skilled [ profile] mithrel !!

Since my PC is still down for the count, no birthday card. So here's a fic instead! Enjoy!

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Just because.

Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

[ profile] mr_picard  associates these 5 things with me:

Garak/Bashir: No wonder, since it's my all-time OTP and I still have a vision of gathering all fanfic ever written about these two. A girl can dream!

(Green) Pea: The most important thing in my life. That fact that he's something people think of in connection with me must mean I'm doing something right. :oD

Alexander Siddig: Sid! Yeah, I'm a fan. Damn it, [ profile] mr_picard you know all my addictions. :oP

Merlin: Case in point. *goes back to writing Merlin porn*

Denmark: Yay! My tiny country gets some attention! Granted, this jump probably wasn't so hard for [ profile] mr_picard , since Denmark and Germany share a border. A small one, but still. But I guess I should count myself lucky that I have yet to come across someone who claimed Denmark was the capitol of Sweden or something...

This was coooool. :oD

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To the sneaky and totally unsurprised [profile] bue  / [ profile] deeply_spaced ! I hope your day turns out awesome!

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To my awesome beta and friend, the Angst Queen herself: [ profile] tli !

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To the sassy and sexy [ profile] zooz !

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To the super awesome [ profile] nerdboyout !

Since I have no photoshop on my sad little netbook, here is a little Justice League thing I drew for you. It's really fucking silly, just so you know. I hope it makes you laugh. :o)

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To the cheekiest of the cheeky: [ profile] thecheekydragon !

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To the classy and sassy [ profile] ___shiro____ !

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To the epic Trek connoisseur [ profile] tlshull !

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To the sweet and spicy [ profile] bethos !

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To the crazy and wonderful [ profile] erin_anderson !


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