Temeraire, read at last!

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:41 am
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So, after many years of not having time to read books much at all, I've finally finished Naomi Novik's Temeraire series. What a read! I was very much invested in the characters all the way through and loved every second of it. Well...almost all of it, but I'm wholly to blame for my own disappointment, so to speak.

I know I'm late to the party, and I did try to avoid spoilers as much as possible before finishing the series. But by book 8 I couldn't help but take a quick peek at Deviantart and Tumblr, to seek out some lovely fanart. There was much beautiful art to be seen, but also... Yeah, due to certain artwork and blog posts I thought Laurence would end up with Tharkay in canon.

Now, it wasn't that I needed Laurence to start a romance/sexual relationship with another man because it's "so hawt" or anything. If I hadn't seen those artworks or read those blog posts until I'd finished the series I'd never have expected the relationship to be canon, because, honestly, I rarely expect such representation in published books. I was happy that Granby and Little's relationship was A Thing, because yay, representation! But I must admit that, as a bisexual person, I was excited at the prospect of a bi/pansexual main character in a book series I'd so come to love. So I must admit there was a bit of a let-down when I realized I'd been mistaken.

And then I went down the angry beehive of a rabbit hole that was fandom's discussions on the topic (and Novik's probably well-meaning but a little clumsy reply to questions about said topic), and now I'm much more torn about jumping into the fandom :/

Silly, I know. Why can't we just have nice things...

Week 42 - Deadlines

Oct. 15th, 2017 11:43 pm
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I'm a little tired. We'll see how I do this week. Zzzzzz...

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Week 41 - Deadlines

Oct. 8th, 2017 08:33 pm
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Slowly but surely getting back to being human. Sort of. Need more sleep though.

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What I'm reading Wednesday

Oct. 4th, 2017 01:47 pm
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I should really just give up the pretense of making this a weekly thing. It's a monthly thing. So there. The end.

Come to think of it that's probably better anyway, because it'll be less of 'same as last time'

What I've finished
Oh boy, lots!
Last time, I had just finished listening to Just One Damn Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor. Excellent audiobook that was, excellent narrator. So in short order I plowed through all the rest of the series available on Audible. Seven more novels and a number of short stories. They were so good! The last one of the novels, however, really took me for a turn and I very nearly stopped listening at one point. Glad I continued though. The thing about Jodi Taylor is she's not afraid to kill, maim, abuse or otherwise do nasty things to her characters. Any characters. Here's the full list of the series. Sadly not all of the short stories are available on Audible. I think JT just did some of them as treats on her blog/website. Haven't yet managed to dig them out. This is me eagerly awaiting the next installment to become available on Audible while fighting the urge to buy the whole lot of them for my kindle right away. So far I'm winning, but don't count you chickens yet...

I have also finished Heirs of the Blade, and following that one, The Air War by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Enjoyed it a bit less then the previous ones, because there was rather a lot of battle description which just gets a bit repetitive after a while, plus absence of favourites and reduced fondness of others. And some new characters. I never really took to these new ones here, to be honest. Looking at GoodReads reviews it looks like I'm somewhat alone in that, but there you are. Maybe if we get to know them better I'll change my mind. Only two books left in this series.

What I'm currently reading

I have started The Adventures of Tom Bombadil by JRR Tolkien, and I've discovered that the illustrations in my copy are the original illustrations by Pauline Baynes, whom Tolkien apparently specifically requested. My edition is a fairly recent one. It's got the collection of poems (Verse! Yes, me! Weird, I know!) first and after that a section with commentary on each as well as the poem in its original form, before Tolkien revised it for the Bombadil book. I read one out loud to Husband last night and have discovered that reading this stuff is actually not easy without a bit of practise first because you need to familiarise yourself with where the punctuation actually is, or it'll just sound choppy and not flow at all. Plus, Tolkien liked a fancy and unusual word, and just when I thought it was going well I'd trip over something like 'brobdingnagian'. I now suspect I'll have to go through it a couple more times before I can actually say that I'm finished with it. (We'll see)

On audiobook, because it was going so well with Jodi Taylor's Chronicles of St. Mary's series, I hopped straight onto A Natural History of Dragons By Marie Brennan. A prime example of a book I bought solely because of the cover. I mean really! Look!. Plus it sounded quite good as well. I haven't got very far in it, though. I think it might be a good story, but it doesn't so far grip me the same way that St. Mary's did. I was having a bit of a book hangover after running out of that particular series, though, which may have had something to do with it.

What I'm reading next
Definitely pushing on with the Shadows of the Apt series by Adrian Tchaikovsky. Next up in the series is War Master's Gate, so there's a huge hint about which character the focus will be on.

If I give in and get the Chronicles of St Mary's series by Jodi Taylor on my kindle, I might revisit that one sooner rather than later. I do also still want to revisit Jasper Fforde's books about Thursday Next. Possibly, I'll wind up with the lot...

As for A Natural History of Dragons... Well, let's see when I finish the first one. I do have the two next ones as well on audiobook, but if I don't take to the first one, I probably won't bother.


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