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I watch a lot of TV shows. A lot. And inevitably, when you watch as much as I do, after a while you pick up patterns. It's understandable, because certain things just work. Some things will almost always entertain a large portion of the population, so I can't blame the various players in the entertainment indistry for following the known success recipes. Which brings me to the gimmick.

I prefer watching shows where I get invested in the characters. So, predictably, there are a lot of character plots in my favorite shows. Which means that sometimes a character is the plot. And certain types of people are always a plot in themselves. Meaning that certain people are cast simply because their looks is the center of a plot.  It has taken me a long time to realise this, but now that I have, it grates on me.

I guess it's what people think of as sterotypes. And yet, not always, unless the term "different" is a stereotype in itself. Semantics. The point is that I recently caught myself expecting a certain plot when the "different" person appeared on the screen. I was somewhat mortified with myself because I thought I was more open than this. I thought I was beyond the point where I expected something extra from anyone not fitting into the fairly narrow category of mainstream entertainment characters. White, slim, heterosexual, confident, pretty. That seems to be the formular to be a character in most TV shows. If you're anything but that, when you appear on screen, people know you're the gimmick. They know that you're about to get special treatment. The gay man, the fat kid, heck- even a woman is still occasionally the gimmick. You'll know it when you see it.

And it saddens me.

I'm not saying that non-gimmick "different" characters don't exist, but you can't deny that they're rare. And more often than not, when "different" people are not the gimmick, it's most likely because they appear in a show where the entire cast are various shades of "different." The entire show can easily be the gimmick.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know that a lot of TV shows base their entire existence on focussing on something "different" but even in those shows, there is a template for being a character, as opposed to a gimmick. And honestly? I'm starting to hate the gimmick.

It's a distinct possibility that my recent hatred of the gimmick is born from my own "difference". I'm the fat chick. If I wasn't fat, I'd probably fade back into obscurity quite nicley, but I'm in a weight class now where I get noticed for it. If I were a character in a TV show, I'd have a plot. Most defintely.

I think what I'm getting at is that it bothers me that people aren't just people. Some people are people. Others are gimmicks.

TL;DR? Wake me up when Gene Roddenberry's future arrives and all Humans are just Humans. When the world includes black war heroes, female admirals, gay presidents and alien noses of the week.


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For some strange reason, yesterday I suddenly decided that my real name is way too boring if I ever write a book. So I came up with a (frankly quite silly) alias for if I ever finish any of my original fiction. Nerd alert. For real.

On the fannish front I can report that I'm watching Numb3rs, Farscape, White Collar, Primeval and Sanctuary.

Numb3rs: I'm in the middle of season 2 and for some strange reason, I ship the Epps brothers. Why, brain, WHY?! Of all the incest ships.... Apart from weird ship of the year, I'm enjoying the supporting characters more than I think I've done in any other series, ever.

Farscape: This is one of the rare examples of a sci-fi series that drops in quality in later seasons. Okay, so the props and effects are better, but the plots keep disappointing me, where they impressed me a lot more in early seasons. I'm almost done with the series and I'm hoping the movies will prove to be higher quality. It's still entertaining, though. Gotta give it that.

White Collar: Just watched the season opener and I'm happy to announce that my stupid grin is firmly in place. No spoilers, other than I like how they handled the fall-out from season 2.

Primeval: Still mainly watching it for Alexander Siddig and I'm so far disappointed with his lack of screen time. Also, my hatred of Abby increases exponentially with every episode. *unintelligable noises of disgust*

Sanctuary: I'm not all that impressed with the latest episodes. I need more Tesla. A lot more. And more Henry. *nods*

On the real life front, I will be having Pea with me for the next 3 weeks. *gulp* Wish me luck!
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Well, it's Sunday and technically I'm out of series to pimp. Mostly because the rest of them are on hiatus or in the dark on whether or not they get another season.

So here's a quick list of what I'm waiting for:

Primeval, season 5, of course. (May seems a loooooong time off.)
Merlin, season 4. (Probably won't come back until 2012. *heavy sight* )
Sanctuary, season 4. (Hopefully airing this autumn.)

Also, I just watched the pilot of Fringe (thanks once again to [info]tli) and I might just have to watch all of the as well.

While I wait for more episodes of the above, I have a folder full of discs of goodies from - yeah, guess who - [info]tli and I'm also revisiting my childhood by watching Gargoyles. *sigh* There were doodles of that show ALL over my school notebooks back then. Maybe I'll dig out some of my better sketches and scan them if anyone cares to see them.

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After a week of basically lazing about and not really caring about fandom much, I am BACK IN THE GAME, LOVELIES!

This week's theme is: What I'm watching right now!

We start off with Primeval which, sadly, has just finished its fourth season.

A little of this, a little of that. )
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OMG so much beautiful Sid in my life right now!

First I watched Primeval and drooled my way through every scene with Sid. I mean come on! Wearing suits and constantly using his sexy!voice! HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME, I KNOW IT!!

And of course, I welcome such a fantastic way to go by watching Hannibal right afterwards.

What a fucking beautiful movie. Wow. I'm going to screencap the hell out of the this movie. Oh yes! Sid... in leather... being badass...

Fuuuuck... I need a cigarette. And dry knickers....
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Bad stuff first, because I prefer to end a post on a happy note for a change.

1. Went to hubby's 'workplace' because he forgot his lunch. Co-workers subjected me to lighthearted teasing which I was in no state to handle. So I felt like a loser.

2. Since it was right next door, I went to check out the pet shop where I'd been an intern once. They've become part of a larger chain and redecorated, but the animals were suffering just as much as they always did. The rats had ear mites, possibly scabies and definitely lice. The mice had what I assume was their version of scabies and also lice. Even the hamsters had bald spots. *grr* Obviously, they took NONE of the warnings to heart they've had from animal protection services.

3. Since I'm clearly an idiot, I went to another pet store in the area. It was new and I figured that since they were a relatively small store, they would hopefully be more focussed on the welfare of the animals. Let's just say... no. Same deal with the rodents, with the added bonus of no separation of the sexes. Even the fish were living in horrid conditions. There were some really huge and rare types living in tiny tanks with nothing in them. Not to mention that most of them were simply in plastic bags, never mind a tank.

4. Went to city center and promptly had an anxiety attack. I breathed my way through most of it and made it home, but now I'm exhausted.

Good stuff!

1. Primeval. LOL! The preview for next episode will probably make hubby grin, because he's had real trouble with the title. He's always calling it 'mid'eval. Looks like he was on to something. :oP

2. Bumped into an old old lady who lives in the area and often stops for a chat when we cross paths. I know her name and her dog, but that's it. She was in hospital for a while last year and I worried for her health. I haven't seen her around for almost 6 months, so I was really starting to fear she was dead. But today I met her again and she was perfectly fine. Chipper as always. :o)

3. It grandparents' day at daycare tomorrow and my mother will be going. To my surprise though, my step father will also be going! This makes me sort of jelly legged and happy. I've never seen him as a father figure at all, but I like him and he makes my mother happy. And for him to show this much interest in Pea I am just so grateful! He really is Pea's grandfather, blood ties or not.

4. Bought birthday present for Pea. A little toy suitcase with a pirate pattern on it. :oD Yarrr!

5. Got some writing done.

All in all, not too shabby. But damn, a nap would be good.


May. 10th, 2010 08:43 pm
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Primeval 3x5!!

Some of the designers for that series are totally playing world of warcraft. Proof?

Spoiler cut, I suppose. )
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Stephen is an unparalelled moron.
Nick has balls! Who knew?
Lester does too! WHO KNEW?!
Jenny is fucking baddass! Right on!
Helen is EVUL!
Leek is just creepy.
EW EW EW! Bat creatures! *shudder*

Oddly enough, Stephen's moronic behaviour kinda got me hooked. LOL!

Now I'm REALLY looking forward to Sid in the coming seasons!!


Apr. 27th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Primeval 2x2. O hai thar, Sir Leon! Hehehehe.

That's all.

Ok, so...

Apr. 26th, 2010 09:27 pm
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Ok, I've got like a novel of depressing shit I was planning on writing, but I think I'll skip it.

On another note... episode 1x6 of Primeval... ick, that monster is scary!
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It's been a really good day today. Pea slept in and gave us all some much needed rest. When he did wake up, he was mellow and adorable. Dropping him off at daycare was the easiest yet. The minute we came through the door, he made grabby hands for the nearest caretaker and hardly had time to look up from the toys when I said goodbye. I swear, he was going: "Yeah, yeah, mommy, whatever. Can't talk. Playing."

In the words of hubby when I texted him the good news: "That's my boy!" :oD

After the drop off, I went by the store to find a sale of pweddy flowers. So I bought myself some. They look so lovely in their vase on my table. Did I mention that I love flowers??

Then I went home and watched episode 3 of Primeval. Oddly enough, episode 1 and 2 did nothing for me. They left me with something of a 'meh' feeling. But episode 3?! HOLY MOTHER OF...  THE ANGST!!! I fear I'm hooked...

I liked Nick Cutter from the first episode. He's just such a great, big ball of angst and episode 3 really fucked with his mind. I LOVE IT!

Stephen is a really vapid sort of guy, who makes me wonder if there's anyone at all in there, under all his make up and spray on tan... But he did show a teeny tiny amount of soul this episode. Left me vaguely intrigued.

Abby always distracts me. She looks so much like either Baby Spice or some weird sort of mannequin, that I always get a little sidetracked when I see her. But she's cute and her accent is lovely.

Connor is my favorite. But then again, I always fall for the nerd.

Helen Cutter is one insane bitch. I love it.

Claudia has totally got the hots for Nick. The drama. Ooooooh.

The dinos... are horrid. But my imagination can easily fill in the blanks. Just like it does with Merlin when the plotholes become bigger than Camelot. I liked the underwater ones of episode 3, though. Pretty scary in murky waters, where the lousy CGI is well hidden. :oP

When I was done watching, I joined hubby in town to buy some more shelves for our "den". Basically the room where we geek out with our computers, books and stuff. Now we finally have enough shelves to put all of our books out of Pea's reach! HURRAH! Everything looks so... tidy now! It's a little spooky...

When we came home with the shelves, there was another surprise. Our WoW Authenticators arrived today! So not only are we now optimally protected (Hackers be hatin' but mah gold is safe, suckers!) we also got the cute little core hound pup. D'aaaw. Goes nicely with the Celestial Steed I bought yesterday. Ahem.

Pea was a champ and charmed his way through the whole day at daycare. Came home, had his dinner and bath, and fell asleep in 5 mins. What a little angel I have. D'aaww.

A few random thoughts for today.

I think I've come to the realisation, that I cannot force my writing. I might feel bad about not finishing things right away, but I cannot write unless the groove is there. So if the groove tells me to write a little stupid ficlet instead of the epic I was working on.. well then, ficlet it is. Whatever gets words on paper.

I've also noticed that everything runs a lot smoother when I make the decisions. Not that hubby doesn't make any, far from it. But when it comes to everyday life, taking care of Pea, going to the store and the general flow of the day, things tend to run easier when I dictate. Makes me feel like a bit of a manipulative bitch of a wife, but whatever keeps the wheels spinning.

So... I think that's about it. Have a great evening, people!


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