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Having a steady stream of Voyager distracting me through the last few days of nausea means that I've reached the end of the series sooner than I expected. And without offering any spoilers I can honestly say that the finale was one of the most bullshitty of any series I've ever watched from start to finish. At least in my personal and very biased opinion.

Hell, suddenly even that last disappointing episode of JAG doesn't seem so bad...

For the rest of Voyager, though, I'm more positive. I was warned by several people not to expect too much, but generally, I've been "adequately entertained". And considering some of the crap that's on TV in these over-televised times, I'm happy with that.

DS9 is still my favorite trek. TNG is still my ideal future. TOS is still cracktastic and until someone gives me an EXTREMELY good reason to risk it again, I'll stay the hell away from ENT. Reboot? What reboot? /denial.

In other short news, I updated my website today. Go me. I actually got something done.

And now I think I'll go back to bed and try for the third night in a row to get some real sleep. 2 hours every morning isn't quite enough. :oS But sadly, I've found no cure for the persistant nausea keeping me up. But at least I'm not puking. It's not all bad.
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Well, after 2 days of turning myself inside out and desperately making arrangements for Pea while I was down for the count, I finally manage some sleep. And what do I dream of? Go on, guess! I bet you can't... I sure never could have.


And sex.

With Harry Kim.

I mean wtf?

There were also some other really interesting parts, including the before-mentioned ensign wearing a pink tutu. (And I also caught him in some golden sandals, but he kept denying it.) Not during the sex, at least. Thank god.

If I needed any more proof that I'm seriously ill, this would do nicely.


Dec. 16th, 2010 09:47 am
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O hai thar Seven/Janeway subtext!

I finally found it in episode 6x9: The Voyager Conspiracy. D'aaaawwwwwww. It wasn't even snarky, it was just adorable and lovey dovey!
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Fantastic quote in this Voyager episode:

Computer: "Warning! Warp core breach a lot sooner than you think."

I need to make an icon for this. So much. Chief O'Brien was right. Starfleet Computers are awesome. :oD
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Ok, I still have 2 seasons to go, but I think I've just watched my least favorite Voyager episode. It was just completely pointless. Course: Oblivion. My god. If there was any reason to make that episode other than waste screen time, someone please tell me.

I want those 45 mins of my life back.


Dec. 11th, 2010 08:51 pm
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I am dead. Completely dead. Killed by laughter. This is just about the most hilarious thing. 2.01 in particular. Fuck. I'm so amused!!!

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Finally, I can BREATHE again! Air, sweet, sweet air! I love drugs. Oh yes. Thank you, antibiotics. Incredible how something as disgusting as mould can produce something as glorious as penicillin. Awesome. It also had the surprising side-effect of taking away a persistant ache I've had in my hip. I assumed it was a muscle issue, but now I'm pretty convinced I had some sort of mild inflammation. Whatever. Awesome.

Almost through season 4 of Voyager. Plot-wise it's generally unremarkable, but the characters are certainly growing on me. As soon as Kes fucked off everything seemed to get better. Sorry to any Kes-fans but I really really cannot stand her. I don't see any obvious slash potential, but I'm still keeping an open mind. Tom/B'Elanna is a cute pairing, but not epic love story. At least not yet. Janeway/Chakotay has some lovely UST and I'm liking where it's going so far.
My favorite characters are the Doctor and Neelix. Seven is seriously growing on me as well. I'm not gonna tell who my least favorite character is. I think I might be risking my life if I do...

Some epic stuff worth mentioning:
-Seska. So many things about Cardassians are explained. Gotta love that.
-Episode- Nemesis. 4x4. Wow. I have so much love for the battle-speak in that episode I hardly know where to start.
-Alien Species- Hirogen. Wow. Had I not known about Cardassians, I think these would have been my favorite make-up idea, ever. And for some slightly embarrassing reason, I find them fairly sexy. Especially this one. Unf.
-A general lack of holodeck-plots. Amazing for a series with a holographic character. And I LOVE IT! Same deal with time-travel. I can only applaud Janeway for her intention to stay out of time-paradoxes. Thank you!
-On a sadder note, Voyager has managed to create the only Q-episode I really don't like. Bah. Q was awesome as always, but the plot was... blah.

There's more, but I'll get to it later on.
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... dealing with shit. Or something. I just wish life would stop being so fucking complicated.

Family drama wasn't that easily averted, of course. Looong story, but basically, we're back exactly where we started. Guess that annual, awkward family visit is on as usual. *sigh*

Watching Voyager more or less continuesly, so I'm already at 3x15. Still, I'm mostly unimpressed and fairly tired of Kes. I like most of the other characters, though.

World of Warcaft will be launching its third expansion at midnight tonight so I'm a little torn. Be online and suffer the extreme lag for a peek at the new stuff or wait a while, until the rage is fading.

I meant for this post to be very much longer but... I just feel so tired all the time. So tired.
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Been watching more or less continuously so I've come quite far.

More season 2 spoilers under here. )

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Enough with the whining. Time for a fan post!

Sort of spoiler under here for final season of JAG and season 2 of VOY. )

Trek Meme!

Nov. 29th, 2010 09:17 am
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Got talked into doing this by [info]servetolive .

Meme under here )


Oct. 7th, 2010 08:22 am
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And now, the news:

The same day we got the final divorce papers, B got a message from Floozie, saying she broke up with him. Not 12 hours later, she updated her Facebook page with a new relationship. B isn't too upset about the breakup. He saw it coming. He is a bit bothered by the instant new boyfriend, but still calm about it all. So no hearts broken.

My Bert The Farting Hippo will be arriving today! He would have arrived yesterday, but the delivery dude held him hostage! He wouldn't give him to me, unless I paid some (frankly very unexpected) import tax. In cash. Exact change only. *le sigh* At least he would come back today.

Pea is really very sick. He is in so much pain it breaks my heart. He's home all this week from daycare and I took care of him yesterday to avoid B losing any more hours at work. I was supposed to again today, but I honestly couldn't bear it. Pea clung to his daddy and cried, cried, cried. He calmed down after about half an hour, but the slightest hint that daddy was leaving started it all over again. So we decided that we weren't doing him any favours by screwing up his routine any further. So he went back home with daddy. Which is also good for me, because I'm still a bit sick. Getting better, but in need of more rest and hot drinks.

I'm trying to start watching Star Trek Voyager. Maybe it's because DS9 was so awesome with characterization, but woah, the whole cast of VOY seems SO very bland. I'm hoping it's an early season problem, but I'm told not to hold my breath. Still, I'm almost through season 1, and I'm at least not bored out of my skull. The Doctor in particular catches my fancy. I dunno. I always have a thing for the artificial lifeforms. Data. Vic Fontaine. And now the Doctor.

Tried to watch The Big Bang Theory, but even the promise of better episodes later could not save me from the fact that I felt monumentally stupid and somewhat offended that Penny was THAT dumb. So the guys were too smart for me to understand the jokes at all and Penny was too stupid for me to connect with at all. So I'm sorry, but that series is not going to grow on me anytime soon.

World of Warcraft is working beautifully, but I'm too tired and poorly to concentrate when I play. *sigh* Sometimes I think the world hates me. I was SO ready for some more dungeon achievements, finally. Blah. Also, just waiting for Hallows End to come around, so I can get my new mount! I just need to become "The Hallowed" and then I will have completed all the seasonal achievements! Which means... Blue. Proto. Drake. It shall be epic. Oh yes.

Stay tuned for more in the future.


Jan. 25th, 2009 11:45 am
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As usual, grab if you like. No need to credit.




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