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So, I watched Miral.

I knew even before watching it that it wasn't my kind of movie. I don't usually enjoy the heavy political plots and my watching experience was predictably coloured by this. However, I was captivated all the way through and despite my usual dislike of the genre I was in fact deeply moved.

Bad stuff:
-Brutal imagery. I know shit was bad, but did they have to have someone actually  throw up? And maybe I'm just being over sensitive but the rape scene was just a liiiittle too descriptive, thanks.
-I think certain things from the book just didn't translate too well to film. Many of the things clearly meant to shape Miral as a person ended up seeming random and disconnected.

Good stuff:
-The music. Both the local music and the odd foreign tune were all good choices. Fitted the action on the screen beautifully.
-The actors. My god, I've rarely seen so many top performances in one film. I can't think of a single person who did a half-assed job.
-The pace was good. Despite the seemingly random events, it all kept moving smoothly at a pace that allowed even complete ignorants like me to keep up with things.
-And of course Sid. More squeeing about him below.

SID! I MEAN... DAMN! If there's anyone left in the world who can't see what a great actor he is, I dare them to watch this film. Go on. I'll wait.
He damn near made me cry at every turn. From his immediate and yet totally believable love for his sister's cellmate to his visible hurt at his daughter's actions later in life I think we see every emotion there is. The tenderness and the frustration, the love and the anger, the hurt and trust... my god, it's all there.

And lets not get into the almost erotic ritual washing scene. Ahem. Moving on.

Basically, if you can bear some ugly truths painted out maybe a little harsher than neccessary, I would recommend this movie to anyone. Although, it might make you cry. But trust me, it's worth it.

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That man's eyes... goddammit, how can he BE so gorgeous!? It's fucking unreal!

I mean, just look at those peepers! My god! )

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Lucky me, I found the Nativity Story for a bargain, so SCREENCAPS INCOMING!

His part is tiny, so not too many pics, but what I got is DEE-lish!

I apologize in advance for the sudden shift in pic size, but I didn't edit them in order and it only ocurred to me later that this movie is somewhat widescreen. Wide enough for me to need a wider cropping, anyway. So. ONWARDS!

It's under here. Go on. Click! )

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Part of this amazing bunch of photos at SidCity.

I think I'll go change my underwear now. And maybe have a cigarette.

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For some strange reason, yesterday I suddenly decided that my real name is way too boring if I ever write a book. So I came up with a (frankly quite silly) alias for if I ever finish any of my original fiction. Nerd alert. For real.

On the fannish front I can report that I'm watching Numb3rs, Farscape, White Collar, Primeval and Sanctuary.

Numb3rs: I'm in the middle of season 2 and for some strange reason, I ship the Epps brothers. Why, brain, WHY?! Of all the incest ships.... Apart from weird ship of the year, I'm enjoying the supporting characters more than I think I've done in any other series, ever.

Farscape: This is one of the rare examples of a sci-fi series that drops in quality in later seasons. Okay, so the props and effects are better, but the plots keep disappointing me, where they impressed me a lot more in early seasons. I'm almost done with the series and I'm hoping the movies will prove to be higher quality. It's still entertaining, though. Gotta give it that.

White Collar: Just watched the season opener and I'm happy to announce that my stupid grin is firmly in place. No spoilers, other than I like how they handled the fall-out from season 2.

Primeval: Still mainly watching it for Alexander Siddig and I'm so far disappointed with his lack of screen time. Also, my hatred of Abby increases exponentially with every episode. *unintelligable noises of disgust*

Sanctuary: I'm not all that impressed with the latest episodes. I need more Tesla. A lot more. And more Henry. *nods*

On the real life front, I will be having Pea with me for the next 3 weeks. *gulp* Wish me luck!
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I've been dead for a few days. Pea dragged some sort of lurgy home and because he's young and amazing he shed it in 24 hours. I, however, had to drag myself through 4 days of coughing, sniffling, fever and general crappiness. Finally feeling better, though.

I have a few things on my mind, but I'm tired of only posting negative stuff and most of what's on my mind is kinda dark.

In short, fannish news: I've once again become completely stuck in Stitch In Time. Not for lack of trying, but I cannot seem to ever just read through it. Bah. I'm clearly out of practice. BAD FANGIRL!

Also, while I was sick I watched Life. It was short and entertaining. The ending left me feeling a little lost, but it was good. And the Zen made a disturbing amount of sense in my feverish brain. :oS But the music was excellent! I need to find the tracklist somewhere.

Watched the episode of Spooks that Sid was in and OMG it was one of his best performances ever! AMAZING! (Also, he was hotter than ever, but that could just be me...)

Doktor Svans icon... because I can. Deal with it, bitches!

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What can I say? One city's worst nightmare, another woman's steamy dream. *shrug*

Broadband only. Not kidding. 109 pictures! )

For those who want these 109 images, cropped and selected, they can be downloaded here.

For the fearless tinhats who need every one of the un-edited and un-sorted roughly 700 caps, go here.

I hope you enjoyed the ride! I sure did. :oD
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After a week of basically lazing about and not really caring about fandom much, I am BACK IN THE GAME, LOVELIES!

This week's theme is: What I'm watching right now!

We start off with Primeval which, sadly, has just finished its fourth season.

A little of this, a little of that. )
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Then go here. Keep your sloober-tissues and spare underpants ready, people!


(I saved every one of those 90 pictures. Oh yes.)

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OMG so much beautiful Sid in my life right now!

First I watched Primeval and drooled my way through every scene with Sid. I mean come on! Wearing suits and constantly using his sexy!voice! HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME, I KNOW IT!!

And of course, I welcome such a fantastic way to go by watching Hannibal right afterwards.

What a fucking beautiful movie. Wow. I'm going to screencap the hell out of the this movie. Oh yes! Sid... in leather... being badass...

Fuuuuck... I need a cigarette. And dry knickers....
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Uhm... oops? I could have sworn I did this already... *stares at clock* I still have a few minutes!

So here! Have a Sid!

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the biggest, the baddest, the one and only:


Anything goes! Show off your best pics, manips, doodles or just settle down and drool!

Just to get those juices flowing, here is a little tidbit:

(Also, feel free to pimp far and wide!)
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Why so gorgeous???

Will you marry me? Like, right now? *siiiiiiigh*

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Tripped over the mini-series Strike Back in better than absolute crap quality online and promptly screencapped the hell out of gorgous Sid!

WARNING: This post contains high levels of GUH! )



Aug. 27th, 2010 09:09 pm
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Got the paperwork for the divorce done today. Surprisingly sad experience. Oh well. I guess it's part of the ride. Besides, I can't wait until I can stop tagging every single one of my personal entries with the 'divorce' tag.

If there is such a thing as actively procrastinating, then that's what I'm doing. I have a loooooong list of things I should be doing now that I don't have Pea around, but I'm kinda going "fuck it" and deliberately not bothering.


... Tomorrow...

Also, Mr. Dishy downstairs did say he was moving in with 2 friends, but it's a tiny apartment, so I was a little confused about it. But now there are 3 names on the mailbox and I met one of the roomies today. Another cutie. Totally not my type but cute still. Also, they only seem to have one, big bed. Honestly, even without all my gay porn hobbies, that would make me raise an eyebrow. Mwahahah.

I just started season 3 of Criminal Minds. Still not sure it's something I'll be joining fandom over, but it's good entertainment and now... well.. I'm sorta just going with the flow and watching it all. Just because I can. There are a lot of other things I should be doing, but honestly, I can't be arsed.

In other news, I watched Cairo Time and fucking hell if Sid wasn't just one, big, wet dream. Nurf.
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Had very detailed sex dream about me and Sid.

Need a cigarette now... and I don't even smoke.



Aug. 23rd, 2010 09:58 pm
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Finally watched it today. Fuuuuuuck. I could fap to this movie. Sid is just NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM... my god. There should be laws against being that hot. *fans vigorously*


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