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Haven't done one of these in ages...

Working title:
"Trickster Time!"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel. (It's what I'm going for anyway)
Other stuff: Au.
Word count: 2300~ words so far.

You can all go ahead and blame my son for this one. Having an almost-4-year old around means you get exposed to quite a lot of children's TV, and a lot of these presenters are just too damn cute. Add to that  the fact that Gabriel would be just fucking perfect hosting a kid's show, and voila! Brand spankin' new AU was born! And FYI, I lean heavily on brain-searing stuff like Lazy Town for inspiration. Fair warning.

The plot started out as just a vague "wow, I'd love to see Gabriel host a kid's show" but before I knew it an actual plot took shape. The setup I'm most set on right now (I have several plot options for this), is the idea that Gabriel was originally a chef or something, but was sort of half-forced to join the family business of making family friendly (and Bible-compliant) TV. One of Gabe's brothers (right now I'm thinking Michael) hosts a kid's show (I was thinking a dulled down version of Lazy Town here) and decides that to boost ratings, what his show needs is a villain. Gabriel signs on to become The Trickster, a thoughtless, somewhat mean, scheming antagonist that the host can bounce his educational plots off of. Only problem is that in record time, The Trickster becomes the most popular character of the entire fucking network, even under the thumb of the bible-bashing goodie-two-shoes story-lines which wasn't really all that entertaining in Gabriel's opinion. So he decides that The Trickster needs his own show. The entire network has an aneurysm over this, and cuts Gabriel (and The Trickster) off completely. Gabriel tells them all to fuck off and starts up on his own. Trickster Time is born. And takes off like a fucking rocket.

I sort of want it to be Sam/Gabriel, but it might end up being only vague pre-slash, because I'm entirely too focused on Gabriel's story here.

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Working title: "Jerichoprompt"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel probably.
Other stuff: Amnesia fic, Jericho crossover.
Word count: 4000~ words so far.

Prompt: Gabriel was ressurrected but with no memory of who he was and since, he's been Bill, one of the loval cops in Jericho. It's not until one day, out checking on a disturbance that Bill gets attacked by something that should exisist and wakes up in one of the remote cabins outside Jericho.

I totally stole this prompt from a comment meme. If I ever get around to finishing it, I'll have to ask the original prompter if it's okay for me to use it.

Okay, so... I watched Jericho a while ago, and while the series itself didn't really do much for me, RSJ was amazing in it, small-ish part or not. So this was just a tasty tasty prompt and I couldn't help but start writing it, even though the prompt was technically claimed for a mini-bang. But since I haven't seen any signs of the mini-bang fic ever happening, I think I can come forward now and admit that I started it too.

The only problem with this is that I've written myself into a corner somewhat, but I think I can save it. I sure like what I have so far, and once I brainstorm how to get myself over that hump I think it can be a good fic.

I also took total liberties with werewolves, so I'll probably do some handwavey shit and claim it's a foreign type or something.

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UPDATE: This is now finished! Titled: Sometimes They Run. Read it on DW or on AO3.

Working title: "Dog Walker Sam Gabe"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Human AU
Other stuff: Age difference kink and mostly pulp, but I still love it.
Word count: 8000~ words so far.

Okay, so... I have no idea where this came from. Just... it lives in my brain right now. Pretty much ever night I go to sleep I think scenes through for this, so who knows, I might actually finish it! In maybe 5k words or something. *dies*
Anyway, this is me trying to write insecure and stressed Gabriel, and it's surprisingly easy. This should probably worry me more than it does...

Notes: Basically, Gabriel is sort of the human equivalent of pre-Lucifer's-fall in canon. I chose to make him 40-ish, rich, but lonely, with only his dog for company, although his work load is making it hard to make time for said pooch. He's some sort of executive in the family business, constantly caught between Michael and Lucifer's (I decided to call him Luke, though) power plays. In comes Sam. College student, (Studying law of course, because it's Sam) dirt poor and due to his bleeding heart owning a dog he can't really afford. Chance meeting in the park results in Sam getting a ridiculously overpaid dog walking job and Gabriel totally losing his heart, despite the fact that he's distressingly convinced that nothing can ever happen between them because of a couple of decades between their ages. (Details if you ask me, but hey, plot!) So pulp romance basically, but who cares, it's Sam/Gabe! And apparently AUs are the bees' knees these days, so I'm sure someone out there will like it if I ever finish it.

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Working title: "Ramalama."
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Other stuff: Yes, the title refers to the song "Ramalama Bang Bang" by Roisin Murphy, and it's also included in the fic.
Word count: 2268 so far.

Originally this bunny was jotted down like this:

Arthur is a dancer, in town with a show. Every show he dances to Rama lama bang bang. It's a pure sex dance, and every show he picks someone out from the audience and has serious eye sex with them. One night he picks Merlin. Merlin falls for him, only to find out he's a complete snob off-stage. Trouble for Arthur is, he also falls for Merlin and has to learn some hard lessons in humility before they can get together.

Notes: If I ever get back to work on this fic, I greatly suspect it'll end up being long as fuck. Because every time I start poking at it, more plot points fall out. *pulls hair*

First the idea was just that Arthur was sexy on stage, but snooty as fuck off stage in a very general way, but it gets more and more detailed as I go along. Most of it is the fact that he's absurdly talented, and used to being treated like the golden boy he is. Morgana runs the show he travels with, and is the only one who regularly tells him when he's being a dick. Which is pretty much always. But she's his sister, so in Arthur's mind, she totally doesn't count. I have scenes thought out of Arthur dating only the prettiest girls, and not giving two shits about their feelings, only deciding by his own level of comfort how long the relationships last. He's never had to pursue anyone. Who he wants, he gets. And he KNOWS he's drop-dead sexy, which he uses to his advantage every chance he gets.

Merlin is in school, probably university. He goes to Arthur's show mostly against his will, and ends up being the "victim" of the night. Arthur loves toying with the audience, and every night he picks one "lucky" person to have filthy eye-sex/dance-off with, and of course he ends up picking Merlin. Merlin leaves the show with a major boner and a brand new fanboy crush. Arthur barely remembers him.

At Gwen's insistence Merlin tries to get Arthur's autograph, but is disgusted by what a major prick he is. He says some really snarky things to Arthur, who hardly believes his own ears. Because who would say such things to him!? He's gorgeous! Everybody knows it!

Enter next plot point. Merlin's mum runs a charity for kids, and because Gwen is a blabbermouth, Hunith gets the impression that Merlin is able to get in and talk with Arthur, and ask if he would volunteer a few hours of charity work, teaching some poor kids to dance. Merlin of course despairs but can't say no. It's for charity, after all.

Much to his surprise, Arthur agrees to see him and even accepts the proposal. Because of course it's eating him up that Merlin dared be so rude to him, and for some strange (pfft) reason, it actually matters to him what the big-eared bean-stalk thinks of him.

I think the rest should be obvious from here.

Notes about the following snippet: Yes, the music here is Ramalama Bang Bang. It's a seriously sexy song, just FYI. And if you're wondering how Arthur looks, this is where I've looked to for inspiration. Just... imagine that stuff on Arthur's entire upper body. *distracted* Uhm... yes. Moving on.

Snippet. NSFW!!! )

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Working title: "MerlinCrossover."
Fandom: BBC Merlin / Disney's Sword in the Stone.
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin.
Other stuff: Yeah, I went there.
Word count: 1418 so far.

I know this has been done to death, but I couldn't help it. So there.

Notes: I know this has been done a few times already, but the resemblance between adorably gangly Colin Morgan and Disney's Merlin, complete with crooked pointy hat is just too good to leave alone. Plus, it's my headcanon that Merlin will inevitably end up with a talking owl in whatever incarnation I'm watching. Besides, putting a shippy spin on my childhood Disney is equal parts disturbing and hilarious. :oP

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Working title: "Trouble."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.
Other stuff: Noir style AU.
Word count: 470 so far.

This bunny reads pretty much like this. "Dean/Cas Noir AU. Dean is a private eye and Cas is a bar singer. "

This bunny is complete self-indulgence, because I know next to nothing about this era. I never watched the Untouchables or anything resembling an accurate representation of this period. All I have to fall back on for this is Bugsy Malone and the episodes of SPN and Castle playing with this type of story. I pretty much only thought of it because Dean looks good in a fedora and Cas would be sexy as hell singing in a smoky bar. I am so screwed.

Also, I think Dean might sound too much like a caricature in this, and that wasn't really my intention. Oh well.

Snippet, although not really, because this is all of it. )
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Working title: "4some."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel/Sam/Gabriel.
Other stuff: God, I hope I finish this at some point.
Word count: 1286 so far.

This happened because I fell in love with Team Free Love! (The foursome pairing of Dan/Cas/Sam/Gabe, for the uninitiated.) And much to my dismay, there's just not enough fic of them. So I set out to write one. No real plot planned. Just wanted some fic of my OT4.

This is one of those fics that pretty much grow a plot as I write. So far it's just vaguely post-not-apocalypse getting-together fic. Which is fine in itself, but these things have a way of becoming more plot heavy as I write. So who knows, it might end up becoming more. But if nothing else, I managed to write an adorable opening scene of waking up in bed for the four of them. :o)

Snippet. Or more like a chunk, really. Whatever )

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Working title: "Squire Duties"
Fandom: BBC Merlin.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur.
Other stuff: ---.
Word count: 400-ish so far.

This is basically a "Merlin discovered gay sex" bunny.

Notes: Thing is, I imagine most of Arthur's knights have squires. Not that we really ever see them, but still. But we all know that Arthur seems to rely on Merlin for all those squire things. Carrying his jousting lances, taking care of his horse, cleaning his armor...
So the bunny goes that Merlin walks in on one of Arthur's knights (I picked Sir Kay, just because), being "serviced" somehow by his squire, and at first he's horrified, because he thinks that the squire is being raped. But shortly he realizes not only that the squire totally loves it, but also that this is a regular occurrence. And somewhere along the way, whatever is being said (I haven't figured out the details yet) makes Merlin wonder if this thing is something all squires are expected to do. Which in turn makes him wonder why Arthur doesn't have a squire, and from there to wondering if this is something Merlin is supposed to offer Arthur as well.

Snippet. )
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Working title: "Blood of the father."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.
Other stuff: Just a bunny.
Word count: None yet.

This bunny was jotted down like this:

Cas gets trapped in a ring of something-or-other. Holy fire plus an inventive spell that requires the blood of the father to be broken. Since Cas' father is technically God, the creators thought that he would be trapped forever. But the person making the spell didn't understand how angels are made and Gabriel happens to know that Castiel stems from Michael, so with a little tweaking, they make it so that Dean's blood can undo the spell, since he's Michael's vessel. Dean's is slightly creeped out by this, since that makes it just that bit more wrong to be lusting after Cas. Hello daddy issues.

This bunny was born from yet more musings on angels. Specifically how they're created. I had this idea that the archangels were shaped by God, but that all the lesser angels were sort of off-shots from the archangels. Not children as such, but sort of plucked out of their grace. So Castiel, the good soldier, was made from Michael's grace. Castiel, and probably all the lesser angels, are largely unaware of this fact, or at least not usually told who they stem from. I would have loved some mild emoting from Cas, wondering if this means he should feel more connected to Michael or something, maybe with a little help from Dean's firm opinions on family.

But mostly, I think I was just looking for an excuse to give Dean even more daddy issues. Because his angsting is delicious.

I have no real plot for this, so I doubt it'll ever be a complete fic. But I might write down a couple of scenes for the heck of it at some point. Only time will tell.
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Working title: "Iron Man Crossover"
Fandom: SPN / Iron Man.
Pairing: Dean/Tony.
Other stuff: Yeah, I went there.
Word count: 356.

This tiny thing was born from a chat with [ profile] martiya_khvar where we agreed that anything can be crossed with Iron Man, with the understanding that Tony sleeps with anybody.

This is something that will probably never be anything more than it is. It's too long for a drabble and too short to be a real fic so I'm unsure what to do with it. I had some vague (but ambitious) ideas about maybe making it massively longer and maybe even having Dean end up being War Machine or something. But I know entirely too little about the Marvel universe in general, so I think I've officially given up on adding more to it. But it's a cute little snippet and I like how Tony's voice came out.

Snippet: (Only not really, because this is all of it.) )

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Working title: "Bashir Junior"
Fandom: Star Trek, DS9.
Pairing: Garak/Bashir.
Other stuff: Please ignore the stupid title. It was purely for filing purposes.
Word count: 11.200 words so far.

This WIP is old. Old as balls. Not even kidding. I started it back in 2008 and somewhere in the middle of 2009 it kinda dried up. I've been poking at it lately, because really, all it needs is the grunt work of typing it up. I have the plot laid out on my head. I just need to grit my teeth and goddamn get to it, already. Also, it'll probably end up being at least 20k words. God help me.

It's a post-series story, set roughly 25 years after WYLB. Garak had (foolishly perhaps) decided that not keeping in touch with Bashir was best for all of them, and while he regrets this decision somewhat, he's lost as to how to change things. Meanwhile Bashir went back to Earth, got married, had a son and started teaching at the Academy. His wife later died, but Bashir still stayed, mostly for the sake of his mother and later his father when he ended up a widower. He tried contacting Garak repeatedly, even though he never got any reply. Garak kept up to date with Bashir's life, but is still taken utterly by surprise when suddenly one day, Bashir's son turns up on Cardassia Prime, falling practically right in Garak's lap. Thus begins a new era of Garak's life, once again a Bashir being the one bright spot in Garak's gloomy existence.

But from what the son has to tell, it looks like maybe Garak is going to have a second chance to make things right with the father.

Snippet. )

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Working title: "You're Contagious, Baby!"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel... maybe. Not sure yet. A smattering of Dean/Cas.
Other stuff: I hate the first chapter with a vengeance...
Word count: 9700 words so far.

Jesus Christ, this bunny went off like a damn rocket, reaching 8000 words before I even knew what hit me... and then it screeched to a halt for no good reason. I desperately want to finish it, but I greatly fear that this might require at least another 10k words to finish, if not more! And that's scary!

Basically, this bunny was just meant to be: "Sam gets trickster powers, Gabriel agrees to teach him to use them, shenanigans happen." How the hell that went on to become something like an entire season 5-6 AU, I have no clue. I had a vague idea of making it Sam/Gabriel, but so far the boys are playing really hard to get. Not normally a problem for my shippy tendencies. Also, at first my plan was to make the powers temporary for Sam, but the way the fic is going, it's totally not gonna end that way. Seriously, my muses are just being manipulative bitches with this fic. Every time I think I know where it's going, it takes another unexpected turn. The only thing that seems to be pretty much a steady theme is that Dean and Cas are disgustingly in love, but of course not acknowledging it in any way. U.S.fucking.T. And poor Sam is kinda sick of it. Just for that, I think he deserves to get laid. And if nothing else, Gabriel is full of ideas in that regard.

Looong snippet. )
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UPDATE: This fic is now finished. Read it on DW or on AO3.

Working title: "Five Times Dean Was Left Hanging, And One Time He Wasn't."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.
Other stuff: Cracky.
Word count: 1900 words so far.

This is the first (and will probably be the only) time I try my hand at the famous "5 times" plot. Again, it's a matter of loving to read them, but hating to write them. Don't ask me why.

I'm really mostly adding this to my 100 things because it's so close to finished it's actually ridiculous. I just need to write maybe 300 words of smut, and that's it. Done. Why I've so far been unable to put out is beyond me.

Also, the snippet I've chosen is a spot I keep coming back to, because I simply can't decide if it's too cheesy or just cheesy enough to be epic. I change my mind every time I look at it, sometimes loving it, other times hating it. Comments on this would be awesome.

Snippet. )
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Working title: "A Place In Time." (totally ripped off from the 4400 theme song)
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.
Other stuff: Season 5 AU.
Word count: 2200 words so far.

This WIP was born from musings over the SPN episode "The French Mistake". The idea that there are so many more universes to play with made my last resistance to my schmoopy domestic Dean/Cas bunnies crumble completely. Not that I mind domestic fics at all, I just don't like writing them all that much. Joke's on me, clearly.

My bunny was jotted down like this:

Dean is breaking inside after his trip to 2014. Castiel decides to do a little time jumping of his own to find a more hopeful future to tell Dean about. Sadly, he's too emotionally invested and his intense hope that he will find a happy Dean directs him to a different timeline parallel to his, where Dean and Cas live together in domestic, fluffy happiness. Castiel still hasn't figured out what all his feelings for Dean really mean, so seeing that future makes him very confused and even more emotional. So when he tries to travel back to his own time, he only manages to travel back in the timeline he's already in, finding out how he and Dean began in a different way.

Notes: This is pretty much an excuse to write pure sap. I don't know why I normally resist this so much, but whatever. I'm still sort of conflicted on how Cas makes the actual jump, since he's still fairly low on power at that time and Balthazar needed to do some sort of ritual to get Sam and Dean to the other universe. But I get the feeling that God is looking over Castiel's shoulder a lot, considering how many times he's been brought back to life, so I always have the option of just saying "God did it." Cheap, but doable.

In this other universe, things are pretty much the same up to season 5. Certain things might be tweeked, but so far I stick to Sam putting Lucifer back in the cage. Only real difference is that in this world, Dean and Cas actually managed to get together, and when God brought back Cas after Lucifer offed him, he also popped Sam out of the cage, all full of soul and everything. Probably Adam too, for good measure. After Lucifer being popped back in the cage, his minions sort of slithered away and hunts became fewer and far between. So when a kid was pretty much dumped in his lap, Dean decided to just say screw it all and aim for an apple pie life. (With hunting on the side, because he's still Dean.) I have the entire freaky story of how they happened upon a newborn baby in my head, but I'm not sure it'll end up even being put into the fic. But if I do get it typed out, I guess I can always just add it as sort of an outtake or something.

I'm still not sure what to do with Sam in the other universe. I think he'd still be hunting, but I also think he'd jump at the opportunity to settle down. I'd like for him to also have a family, but with who, I'm still unsure. I'm tempted to bring back Gabriel, but I'm not sure it fits this fic all that well. So who knows. Maybe Sam and Adam will just shack up and be messy bachelors together. *shrug* I don't think I'm really up for writing too many OCs for this one. The little kid is giving me enough headaches.

The focus of this fic isn't even supposed to be the fluff. It's supposed to be about Castiel's internal struggles to figure out what all these pesky emotions are all about, but we'll see how well I manage to pull that off.

Snippet )

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Working title: "Dibs."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel (possibly some Dean/Cas later on).
Other stuff: Angel/human AU.
Word count: 2300 words so far.

This WIP was inspired greatly by the many and insanely long works of [ profile] gedry . Her fics are always detailed and entertaining, and evidently also inspiring. Originally this idea spawned as a simple office AU where both Sam and Gabriel were humans, but the angel angle (lol, pun, kinda) kept teasing at the back of my head, so I went with it. It was also meant to just be a cute, fluffy romance thing, but somehow my brain keeps adding more stuff to it, so who knows where it might end up!

Notes: The idea is that Heaven is sort of a world in itself, like Earth, but existing in a sort of parallel dimension or something. I haven't worked out the details yet. My initial thought is that somewhere along the line humans mutated, and angels developed as a sort of offshot from the human gene pool. There were only very few of them compared to the billions of humans, so even though they had what we would call magical abilities, they kept to themselves and eventually created the pocket of reality which would eventually be known as Heaven, because... well. Angels.

Over time, they developed their own social norms, and inevitably, some angels decided they didn't like those norms and ran off to live with humans. At some point in time, this became a public matter for Earth. I choose to think that it would happen with a minimum of panic, once it became clear that the angels had no huge apocalyptic powers when they're on Earth. Just stuff like enhanced empathy, minor telekinesis and wings they can choose to conceal in a pocket dimension or whatever. Fuck this fandom, I'm totally into wings now, dammit. Anyway, since they only have what could be described as party tricks, all humanity did was to lay down some restrictions for use (only in their own homes or a few specialized jobs) and then let them live like humans.

In my head, Gabriel left heaven because he was basically a one-night-stand kinda guy, and angel society is very much into the whole no-nookie-before-marriage deal. Plus, in my mind, the angels ended up being somewhat disdainful over emotional outbursts, so they would come off as kinda Vulcan to most humans. Gabriel just isn't like that. He's a fucking hurricane, so he just didn't fit in. Castiel ended up going with him, because their family was planning to marry him off to some angel chick, and not only did he not love her at all, he was also much more interested in people of the male persuasion, which didn't go down well with their parents. So they went to seek asylum with the humans. Gabriel loves it there. Castiel is more awkward, but still ended up pretty content. Enter Sam and Dean. The focus will be on Sam and Gabriel, but I do hope the fic leaves me some space for a Dean/Cas subplot.

Snippet )

(And dear god, it took me forever to pick a snippet. Jeez.)

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So, I've decided to go ahead and do this 100 Things Challenge. I may or may not end up regretting it, but since there's no deadline, I probably won't stress out over it too much. And since there's no rules for how often to post, I can't even promise any sort of regular updates on it. I may post 3 entries in one day and then nothing for 2 months. We'll just have to wait and see.

My challenge will be: 100 WIPs or plot bunnies of mine, which I hope to finish, or just really like. With a little luck this may actually help me finish a few things too. Hope dies last, after all.

I expect I'll be posting snippets, musings, random plot notes or research plans. Whatever the fic or bunny in question demands.

This should be fun!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}


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