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Grabbed from myself back in 2008...

Only counting things I've actually posted as "complete" but not necessarily betaed or anything. Tumblr in particular has gotten a lot of little random fics thrown at it which I felt too lazy to format and post properly to LJ. I hope to get around to it next year. I'm also not counting what might well be around 50k of RP-ing through the year. The words have truly flowed from me this year, as harsh as it's felt.

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UPDATE: This is now finished! Titled: Sometimes They Run. Read it on DW or on AO3.

Working title: "Dog Walker Sam Gabe"
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Human AU
Other stuff: Age difference kink and mostly pulp, but I still love it.
Word count: 8000~ words so far.

Okay, so... I have no idea where this came from. Just... it lives in my brain right now. Pretty much ever night I go to sleep I think scenes through for this, so who knows, I might actually finish it! In maybe 5k words or something. *dies*
Anyway, this is me trying to write insecure and stressed Gabriel, and it's surprisingly easy. This should probably worry me more than it does...

Notes: Basically, Gabriel is sort of the human equivalent of pre-Lucifer's-fall in canon. I chose to make him 40-ish, rich, but lonely, with only his dog for company, although his work load is making it hard to make time for said pooch. He's some sort of executive in the family business, constantly caught between Michael and Lucifer's (I decided to call him Luke, though) power plays. In comes Sam. College student, (Studying law of course, because it's Sam) dirt poor and due to his bleeding heart owning a dog he can't really afford. Chance meeting in the park results in Sam getting a ridiculously overpaid dog walking job and Gabriel totally losing his heart, despite the fact that he's distressingly convinced that nothing can ever happen between them because of a couple of decades between their ages. (Details if you ask me, but hey, plot!) So pulp romance basically, but who cares, it's Sam/Gabe! And apparently AUs are the bees' knees these days, so I'm sure someone out there will like it if I ever finish it.

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I have these tiny fics I wrote for... well, my own fun, basically. I haven't posted them because I didn't think they were very good, but maybe someone would like to read them? Please let me know if any of these tickle your fancy:

All of these are in the SPN fandom.

Trials and Tantrums: Kidfic basically. Just an evening in the life of Sam and Dean Winchester, having settled down to take care of Dean's kid. Rated PG or something, not much really happens. Mostly just an excuse to write daddy!Dean and some domestic brotherly co-habitation.

A Thousand Years: Dean/Castiel. Also PG-ish. 900 words. Total and utter pulp romance of the soulmate variety, with a vaguely angsty ending.

Call You Sweetheart: Dean/Castiel. R-ish. 250 or so words of Dean using endearments, and not much else. Schmoooooop.

Untitled: Pre-Dean/Castiel. 500 words. Cas visits a sex shop because he believes in thorough research.

Untitled: Crowley/OMC: Asphyxiation and blood-kink sex. NC-17, 3000-ish words. My RP partner's OC has a thing with Crowley and some dub-con happens. I was told by someone not in the fandom that it was hot, so maybe it's worth a posting.

Untitled: OFC/OMC. NC-17. 2600 words. The RP mentioned above... this one is two of my characters getting it on. Het pwp, a few complicated emotional issues and a little angst, but mostly just porn.

Melt in My Arms: Sam/Gabriel 500-ish words of cuddles.

Like any of them? Lemme know and I'll have them cleaned up for posting. :o)
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Working title: "Trouble."
Fandom: SPN.
Pairing: Dean/Castiel.
Other stuff: Noir style AU.
Word count: 470 so far.

This bunny reads pretty much like this. "Dean/Cas Noir AU. Dean is a private eye and Cas is a bar singer. "

This bunny is complete self-indulgence, because I know next to nothing about this era. I never watched the Untouchables or anything resembling an accurate representation of this period. All I have to fall back on for this is Bugsy Malone and the episodes of SPN and Castle playing with this type of story. I pretty much only thought of it because Dean looks good in a fedora and Cas would be sexy as hell singing in a smoky bar. I am so screwed.

Also, I think Dean might sound too much like a caricature in this, and that wasn't really my intention. Oh well.

Snippet, although not really, because this is all of it. )
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Tagging myself, like a boss!

1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 other authors. If you would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

Because this WIP started off in a whirlwind of typing, reaching 10k in next to no time... and then fizzled horribly. Which is unacceptable. So I shall use this meme to poke at it with the proverbial pointy stick. The original plan was to make it a Sam/Gabriel fic, although the slash seems a long way off still. Also includes Dean/Castiel, but so far mostly cracky. Which is okay. (Also, lol! The section below turned out to be one of the best bits. Win.)


Gabriel was shaking the hand he touched Sam with, as if he really did touch a live wire, and quirked a displeased eyebrow at Dean. “Seriously, would it kill you to ask nicely every once in a while?”


“Pretty please, with a fuck you on top?” Dean quipped, his lips tight with annoyance.


“You better hope I never take you up on that, handsome,” Gabriel countered. This prompted Castiel into speech.


“Gabriel, please,” he said, sounding more like a mother gently scolding a child, than a brother asking for help. It did seem to have the desired effect of cooling the tempers and Gabriel eventually sat down, snapped himself up a candy bar and explained.


“Well, kids. It would seem we've hit a bit of a snag with Pestilence.”


Dean blinked. “Wait, I thought he was gone.”


“He is. If not forever, then at least for the next couple of centuries. But apparently the sucker went out with a bang,” Gabriel replied, unconcerned. When Dean started making impatient hand gestures, Gabriel rolled his eyes and continued. “It would seem his last act in this life was to make me contagious.”


Dun dun duuuuun!

WIP meme.

Mar. 31st, 2012 11:05 am
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Grabbed from [ profile] heyhoolou .

1. Go to page 77 (or 7) of your current ms.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 other authors. If you would like to do this meme, consider yourself tagged!

From a sudden and totally not thought through bunny. SPN AU Sam/Gabriel. And since I only have 2½ page so far, I started from line 7, ignoring the page count.


“Your type is young, cute and corruptible. Plenty of those around. Besides, if he's not into guys, you get your shot. Oh! That reminds me,” Gabriel said, while digging his cellphone out of his slightly too tight jeans. He thanked himself mentally for wearing his look-at-my-ass jeans for work this morning, while tapping out a short text and hitting send. Not thirty seconds later, the door to one of the adjacent offices flew open and Balthazar stuck out his head, scanning the cubicles for Gabriel.


“What the hell's that supposed to mean?” He frowned when he found Gabriel. “Dibs? On what?” Gabriel just grinned broadly, leaving Ruby to heave a tortured sigh and point a brief thumb in the direction of Mr. tall, floppy-haired and adorable, who was currently trying to puzzle out the floor plan on the wall, which probably hadn't been updated since the late 60's. When Balthazar spotted him, he rolled his eyes, but still sent Gabriel a good-natured smirk. “Let me know when he gets sick of your sugar addiction and Ruby's plans for world domination. Then I'll be here to show him a really good time.”


“In your dreams, B!” Gabriel yelled at Balthazar, whose only reply was to slam his door shut. The raised voices seemed to catch the attention of the newcomer, but he quickly averted his eyes when Gabriel caught him staring. And was that a blush on those smoothly shaven cheeks? Even with the sideburns, which frankly would look more at home in the times where the floor plan was new, the look was endlessly endearing. And hot. Gabriel had such a thing for the tall ones, but the youth and shyness was totally a bonus.


Gabriel spent a brief moment debating whether he was actually too old to be going for the guy, but then he remembered that it was either him or Ruby. Balthazar would at least make sure the guy knew that it was just sex, but Ruby liked to mess with emotions and oh boy, this kid looked like the type she would gobble up and spit out in quivering chunks once she was done with him. Gabriel liked Ruby, because she was a good friend, and part of being her friend meant accepting that she was horrible in relationships.


Not that Gabriel had the best track record either, but at least he always tried to do right by the people he was with, no matter what exactly was on the table. For the moment, all Gabriel knew for sure was the he wanted to get much closer to the newcomer and his life had taught him that avoiding risk taking was pointless. So he smoothed back his hair, hitched on his best confident smile and strode over to the object of his attention.


“Hi there. Can I help you?”


The guy jumped and turned around to face him. Gabriel guessed that the kid had tried to politely ignore the commotion earlier by pretending to be really interested in the damn floor plan. Apparently a little too well, since he looked mildly shell shocked when Gabriel spoke.


Not sure if this will go anywhere or not, but it's what I've had open for a while. I think it's laughing at me.

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Dear muses.

You bitches! When I'm finally in the mood to write, what do you do? You act like my brain is a fucking opium den, full of smoke and beanbag chairs! How am I supposed to put anything on paper when all you can offer me is: "Mmmm. So relaxed right now." BITCHES!

If I didn't have a million WIPs, you people would be FIRED!


Feb. 23rd, 2012 08:09 pm
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Wow, sometimes my fic notes amuse me when I look back on what I've jotted down in some dark hour of inspiration.

Stuff like this:

"Big, exciting things happen, lots of light and noise and shit[...]"

I iz writah. Yup.
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Here is my final word count for 2011. I'm only including finished fics, so the real word count could be as much as 10k higher. But since I also managed to finish a few older fics, I'm just gonna assume it evens out in the end.

Unacknowledged Favours: 2376
Just the Way He Was: 645
In Which there is...: 728
Unchallenged: 693
Tender Secret: 270
A Fistful of Garaks: 2086

Dear Self: 614

Color me Stupid: 775

Natural Decline...: 2363

Oct: (Yes, this is what happens when you go off meds and find a new fandom!)
This Next Song is for You...: 1772
Stepping Into Starlight: 546
On These Borrowed Wings I Fly to You: 1798
Like All the Years to Come: 847
See You on the Flip Side: 1402
Through the Window I Watched: 744
Finding Heat: 1331
Bump My Fender: 1312
Spectacles: 556
(Not Posted) In Another Life It Could Happen to You: 3206
(Not Posted) The Grooves on Your Face: 641
(Not Posted) A Night to Remember: 3078

Jumping to Conclusions: 1043
Doing the Responsible Thing: 735
Crests on my Skin: 1346
Secret Santa fic: 3435
(Not Posted) A Thousand Years: 996
(Not Posted) Trials and Tantrums: 1671

Of Business and Benefits: 3880
Frantic: 789
Going With the Flow: 1871
The Little Voice in your Ear: 1142
(Not Posted) CrowleyLeon: 4474
(Not Posted) Our Moment 603

Total: 49.768. I'm very happy with this! I suspect it might even be a new record! Here's hoping that next year will be just as productive!

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I just posted wincest. *hyperventilating*

Muses... seriously, what are you doing to me?!?


Oct. 17th, 2011 10:51 pm
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It's tomorrow. *bites nails*

And never have I churned out fic at this rate before. I guess adrenaline rush isn't an overrated concept. :oS
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I'm writing again. Like, in a frenzy. Of course, it's not what I'd prefer to write, but I'm not looking this gift horse in the mouth.

Three new fics are at betas waiting for edits, several more are being written in a flurry. I'd gotten a bit of a writing kick out of the Dean/Cas kinkmeme, but apparently, I cannot just do a simple kink fill, I have to write full blown fics and they hardly ever end up fitting the prompt in the first place. *le sigh* But whatever kicks my muses into gear.

Meanwhile, I've also been diving into [ profile] scandafandom and am currently considering if any of my fics would be worth translating for a Nordic fanbase. I haven't had much luck finding Danish people in the same fandoms as I write in, but considering that I now look for equal minded folks in an area 10 times the size of my tiny country, it might be worth the hassle of translating.

Basically, I want to get back to all my works in progress, but that's not the way my bunnies are pulling right now. Dammit.

And holey moley, I'd forgotten how bad I am at coming up with titles. *pulls hair*

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Having been reading (and writing) fanfic for years now, it came as something of a surprise to me when I realized the other day that there's something I've never taken into account when I post fic.

Every time I sit down to write a fic, I have only canon as fixed points. (Unless of course it's an AU.) Anything I've written before is out of my mind as soon as it's posted and plays no part in later fics. (Excluding only sequels and my drabble series.)

I never considered that this could be a point of confusion to my readers, but recently I discovered that many writers tag their fics: One-shot. I often considered this almost too much information, since the length and such would suggest it was just a small piece. But I completely failed to realize that some other writers create very firm head-canon when they write, so even while they don't label anything as a series or sequels, it's sometimes a given that facts revealed in earlier fics are still valid.

I don't. Sure, I have certain things I prefer to revisit in most of my fics, but I can just as easily decide to deviate from it if the bunny demands it. So this leaves me with the question: Should I label my future fics "one-shots"? Seriously, all my fics are one-shots to some degree or other, because I'm not the kind of writer who churns out the epic novellas. I stick to the short and light. It's just my thing.

As an example I can take my recent fic in which I explore Garak and Bashir's differences in sex drive. In Natural Decline (Or Lack Thereof) I portray Garak (or indeed any Cardassian) as having a ridiculously high sex drive, forming the basis for a funny little story. In an earlier fic: A Fistful of Garaks I go the other way and have Bashir being the one with the over active sex drive, which there is at least some basis for in canon.

Now, anyone reading either fic first might take that version as my personal canon and become confused when reading the other. I dunno, am I over-analyzing this? Are my readers smarter than this? Or should I cover all bases and outline more in the fic description?

I'd love input on this!

WIP list.

Jul. 2nd, 2011 06:21 pm
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Inspired by a chat with [ profile] tli last night, I decided to post a list of all my works in progress. (WIPs). However, when I say "all" I mean only those over 500 words or so. Or we'd be here all night. Those less than that are usually only a plot outline or some random dialogue, which might end up being added to another fic.

The list includes fanfic from 4 fandoms and a bit of original fic as well. I do have working titles for most of them, but frankly, some of these titles are downright embarrassing and some even reveal crucial plot points. So no titles for you!

Under the cut. )

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I'm doomed.

You may or may not know... I am a bit (okay, a LOT) of a Jane Austen fan. I was moronic enough to watch the latest BBC miniseries remake of Emma. And now...


I'm doomed. I mean, damn... who would even want to read that??
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I want to write. I neeeeed to write. But the fucking muses won't come. As soon as I have paper (or a blank wordpad) in front of me, I just freeze. Fuck. Just... fuck.
These days I have 3 fics teasing in the back of my mind all the time. A Merlin/Arthur modern AU (not started writing this yet), around the song Ramalama Bang Bang, with Arthur as a dancer. A smutty Garak/Bashir fic about, uhm... human anatomy and another Garak/Bashir I've been working on for a good long while and would really like to finish.

In other news, I got ogled in the bus today. I'm fairly sure it was ogling. I haven't exactly had much experience with being ogled, but it was the only explanation I could come up with, after catching the guy watching me three times in a row. After making sure I had nothing on my face or clothes, or anything else weird that would warrent staring, I gathered it must have been my uhm... pose that did it. I realized I was tilting my head back in a way that made my clevage very prominent and may or may not have presented my neck in a display worthy of a vampire's next meal. I enjoyed it. Wouldn't you have? And the guy wasn't bad looking, either.

And as usual, my mother in law is pissing me off. It's basically a detail, but it merely underlines her need to impose her own standards upon everyone else. *sigh*

Oh and just as an extra insult, I just cannot have sex right now. Masturbate, sure. But sex? It's just too damn exhausting. :o( And as eager as hubby is, he's not prepared to do all the work. Not that I would want him to, either. It's by far the best sex when I'm on top. Ahem.
This annoys me a lot, but I guess I'll just have to be patient. I'm sure it'll come back once therapy and stress reaches more bearable levels. In the meantime I'll just have to be cranky!wife. *grumble*

Too tired to write my latest Merlin review. Might get around to it tomorrow, might not. Only time will tell.

Now off for bed. Goodnight f-list! *hugs*


Nov. 8th, 2009 09:18 pm
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I feel another breakdown coming. GAH! Could it just give me a little more time? Please?

But no.

In other news, Pea has begun methodically puking/peeing/pooping all over his clean clothes as soon as they're on. These days, he's having clothes changed at least three times a day. The washing machine never stands still right now. *sigh*

He's now officially named, too. We got his name license the other day, so now his name is finally: Sejr Lannerø Mark Hermansen.

First name: Sejr (Means Victory in Danish.)
Middle names:
Lannerø: Hubby's family name.
Mark: My family name for the male members. In rememberence of the fact that my family comes from Mark parish in Sweden.
Last name: Hermansen. A relatively common Danish surname.

One more positive thing: The muses are back! WOOO! My current G/B story is coming along nicely and I keep churning out drabbles and meme-contributions. Yes!

Now if I can just survive the coming week.
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Pea is the master of bad timing. He fell asleep and I finally managed to get stuff done. Like scalding bottles, planning dinner for tonight, checking my email and such. So since he was still sleeping, I decided to try and finish the last chapter of my über never-ending fic. And just as I was writing the totally emotional and climactic ending, he woke up.

So now, my main character is standing in a dark hallway, knocking on his counterpart's door... and I have no idea how it's going to end. Heck, even I'M curious! Will it be my trademark happy end, or will they go angsty? These boys have been known to do that. Or maybe it'll be happy end with a twist? Gawd... my muses are evil bitches...
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I had a dream yesterday... suffice to say it was creepy. BUT! The thought alone started off a chain reaction, that lead to the birth of a magnificent plot bunny! I'm SO tempted to start writing it, but seriously, I know myself well enough to know it'll simply end up lying around in my WIP folder gathering dust. And this bunny is simply TOO GOOD!

The raw image that conjured this bunny, was that in my dream (I refuse to go into detail), Garak slept with Major Kira, simply to piss off Dukat. But when I woke up and thought it over, Garak was snarling in the back of my head: "Why the hell would I sleep with the woman, if the mere rumor that I had, would do the job just as nicely??!" And that set it off! Think of it! Garak is finally sick of Dukat's shit and decides to have a little fun at his expence! Wonderful way to relieve boredom. And the way gossip works on DS9, his own contribution only had to be very minor and then the chatterboxes *cough*Dax*cough* on the station would do the rest.

In my mind it went something like this: Garak stops at Quark's and in passing mentions that Kira looks lovely (or even compliments the major herself in front of Quark.) followed by a comment about how all cardassians seem to find her irresistable. Quark of course being the nosy parker of the galaxy asks in an (attempted) off hand way if that attraction extends to Garak. And Garak's reply... he whispered this one in my ear himself! "Oh no, I wouldn't go down that road twice..." Just imagine what Quark will make of a comment like that. Garak will of course deny ever having said anything at all, thereby fuelling the rumor immensely in its infancy.

So, the ball is rolling, and before long, the gossip is rampant about how the reason Kira dislikes Garak so much is because he dumped her or something. Imagine the conversation between Dax and Kira when the poor major finally finds out why everybody looks at her with so much sympathy! Gawd. So, of course, she goes to rip off Garak's head. He sends her to Quark, who sends her back to Garak with the exact words of "never going down that road again". And this is where his plan gets brilliant. When Kira threatens to get really violent, Garak explains to her that by 'never again' he had simply meant with another bajoran, because his last fling had ended badly. AND is she wants proof, she can go ask Odo.

Cue next player! Odo! He is of course horrified at the thought that Garak could have been with Kira, and more than happily digs out any interaction he's ever had with Garak regarding bajorans. But considering how many Bajorans on the station have probably been harrassing Garak through the years, the odds are good that a few of them ended up having restraining orders on them. But of course, Garak refuses to confirm the identity of any one of them as his old flame - thus not solving anything.

Cue next player: Dukat! Coming to DS9 probably with the excuse of coming to see his daughter or something. Only a matter of time before the rumor hits him. "Garak and MY Kira??? First my daughter and now my next intended bajoran conquest!!!" Dukat goes to kill Garak, Kira (and half the station) overhears the argument/fight to the death on the promenade and gawd does she throw a fit when she hears Dukat calling her 'his' anything! Not to mention Odo... the harrumphs alone would probably make him hoarse.

And here I can't decide if I should toss in the good doctor to put a little G/B spin on it... I dunno. Would make a wonderfully complex menage á uhm...many! This is where my brain kinda fades to black and makes me believe that this would never be finished if I chose to begin writing.

So, if anyone likes this bunny, please take it home. It's making doe-eyes at me and nibbling holes in my best socks.
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I have this scrap of text I wrote last year and I have no idea what to do with it. I saw this so clearly in my head, but details that could make it into a full story never saw fit to grace me with their presence. I just feel like sharing it. Maybe exposing it to the world could frighten it into revealing its secrets to me. So if you want to read a little angsty hot spot with no point to it, feel free to read on.

Sexeh scrap under here. Not porn, but suggestive at the very least. )


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