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"You're very kind, Mister Garak."
"Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple Garak."

From Past Prologue. Season 1, episode 3.

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"Really, Doctor, must we always play this game? I am no more a spy than you are a..."
"...a doctor."

From Cardassians. Season 2, episode 5.

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"Tell me, Doctor. What is it exactly about this situation that's making you smile?"

"You, Garak."

From Civil Defense. Season 3, Episode 7.

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"Going somewhere?"

"I really must remember to stop underestimating you, Doctor."

From In Purgatory's Shadow. Season 5, episode 14.
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"You'll be fine. It's just a flesh wound."

"That was awfully close. What if you'd killed me?"

"What makes you think I wasn't trying?"

"Doctor, I do believe there's hope for you yet."

From Our Man Bashir. Season 4, episode 10.

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"I prefer to drink somewhere quiet."

"Excellent idea. We'll go to my quarters."

From The Wire. Season 2, Episode 22.

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"Then how do you explain my boyish smile?"

"Not so boyish anymore, Doctor."

From A Time to Stand, season 6, episode 1.

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"You're joking..."

"Yes, Doctor. I am.

"Very funny."

"Well, I thought so."

From Improbable Cause, season 3, episode 20.

So, today.

Nov. 9th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Went swimming as a part of my job-testing thing. Had excellent eye-flirting session with a gorgeous lady who was ogling me thoroughly. God, she was lovely. Brown eyes, long hair, wide hips, sweet smile. *sigh* If only I'd had the guts to speak to her. If she's there next week... well...

The bad news is that I had hoped the swimming would help the weird pain in my foot. It didn't. Ow. It hurt SO bad when I came out of the water. It got better, but still hurts. *sigh*

Afterwards I went shopping for dinner and instead came out with 5 shirts and mittens for Pea, winterboots for myself and 11 pairs of knickers. I guess shopping is kinda soothing. Anywho, my underwear will now be a circus for the next long while. It was clearly some kind of "clearing out the shelves-sale". I got all colors, shapes and fabrics. Racy, lacy, flowery- even one pair with faux-jewels! My god. My delicates have never, ever been this... well... delicate! Feel free to laugh at my enthusiasm over this, but when you're my size, interesting clothes in my price range is rare.

I'm even tempted to show pictures... but... nah. Better not. ;o)

In other news, I'm running out of G/B quotes. Which sucks. So now I need to consider... start in another fandom or start over? Or start quoting canon? Or something else entirely? Suggestions are welcome.

Will probably post again in a minute about something a ltitle more private.
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"Why?"  Garak uttered a small choked laugh as he stood.  "You want to 
know why my dear Doctor?" he asked.  He bent down and captured Julian's 
lips in a long, probing kiss, exploring hastily the hidden depths of his
beloved before pulling back an inch.  "That's why," he growled subtly, 
just before leaving. 

Julian stared at his plate, still dizzy from the kiss, and wondered 
just what had happened.
From Festive Sun by BGM.
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"My brave hero, my 'conqueror'," the words, once spoken with teasing
affection, were thrown back at him with anger and sarcasm as strong fingers
grabbed his chin to make him look up into a set of enraged eyes, "my shining

From Point Blank by Dina Lerret. (Login needed. Sorry.)
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A few days before Julian’s leave ended Kira got a transmission from Cardassia. It was both Julian and Garak, and they seemed to be radiating happiness. The former informed her that he was resigning from Starfleet to live on Cardassia; they needed good doctors, after all.

From I Have Touched the Heavens and am Cold Without Their Embrace by [info]aseret_kitsune.
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"Garak ... ah ... you're probably wondering what we're 
doing here ..."

"In the middle of the night," Dax chimed in with an 
embarrassed smile.

"Disturbing your unclothed sleep," Bashir added, and 
couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips.
From A Trill's Last Thrill by BGM.
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"Try not to get kidnapped again, Julian," Garak said. "I don't know
how much more 'excitement' my heart can take."
From Five G/B Drabbles: Na Na Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye by Charlene Vickers.
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"What is your name?" I whispered, my eyes roving about his bronze face with 
the curiosity of a child upon looking over his new toy. 

He derided me with his eyes, and spat out his name like an insult. "Julian." 

"Julian," I rolled the name over my tongue, licking my lips in the process. He 
looked away in disgust, and I chuckled.
From Reborn by BGM.
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“Garak... we're busted.”

From Busted by me. (AKA lazybones...)

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"At one point we were good
friends.  We still are, but I wish there was something more.  We
share lunch every day now ... and I'm glad.  Weekly lunches were
brutal ... I ... was missing him too much ..."
From Solitary Dialogue by BGM.
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“You never tire of that game, do you?” he asked, lifting his head and inadvertently letting cold air under their warm cocoon of blankets.

Making a soft sound of protest, the tailor reached up and sealed the breach. “No more than you,” he said.

From The Servant of Your Heart by [personal profile] dark_sinestra[info]dark_sinestra
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"I have been haunted by your
presence all evening, smiling, laughing, flirting ... it has driven me
to the point where careful plans of deceit are no longer applicable...
in essence, Julian, I want you."
From Pawns by BGM.
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"It's good to be up," Garak said as he settled himself in the chair opposite Julian's. // It's good having your arm around me, too // he thought, but did not voice it.

From All Is Silence: Reunion by T'Lin.


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