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Fics and their word count in 2013:


Earning Their Keep: 1224
Come Together Now: 763
Tango to the Tune of TMI: 629
It's Just Poetry... And Pizza: 871
Safe Space: 893
Prudent is the New Sexy: 1094
Cold Quirk: 1988
Getting It On: 1113
Out of Character: 381
Waiting and Wanting: 728
Moving in and Moving on: 636
Five Years and a Shotgun Wedding: 2536
This is not the Florist You're Looking for: 1012
This Time: 898
There's Something There: 2967

It's Not a Fetish: 838
Better Than Cable: 390
Vessel Fic: Balthazar: 855
It Sucks Being a Health Inspector: 1924

Flying So High: 4672
Measuring Up: 2165
Realm of Miracles: 688
After All This Time: 172
Fucking Finals: 1658
Plucked: 708

Gabriel is a Dead Man: 5628
Short End of the Stick: 3763

Balancing Act: 689
Mouth of Babes: 1014
Sounds Like Heaven: 867
Getting to It: 1548

A Time of Magic and Stuff: 3775
Practice, Practice, Practice: 1791
Wings - Best Show in Town: 8379
Breakfast at the Bat Cave: 293
Rob/Richard/Matt Cavity Cuteness ficlet: 743
Team Free Love Cuddles for Steph: 861
Quick TFL Drabble: 302
So Kat Wanted Porn: 435
Through the Wall: 564

A Place in Time: 10054
Nooner: 528
Like You Didn't Want to Know: 2184

Why The Hell Not: 860

Kissing Babies: 4181


Birthday Rimming for Jo: 1356

Note: This whole year I've also been steadily posting Traffic Lights, currently up to 33995 words, but since it's not complete I won't be counting that until next year.


Total Word Count for 2013:
81.618. Had I counted Traffic Lights it would have been a new record, as I would have passed 100k. Alas, maybe next year. :)

My longest finished story in 2013:
A Place in Time at 10.054 words.

My favorite story this year (of my own):
Getting to It. I love how lyrical it came out.

My best story this year:
Going by the amount of kudos on AO3, it's Gabriel is a Dead Man. However, Eat Me E.L James was also posted to AO3 in 2013, though it was technically finished and posted on tumblr the year before, and it's got almost twice as many kudos.

Story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
All my Deep Dish Nine stuff, really. I'm so sorry to report that half the reason my interest for it fizzled so fast was that there seemed to be very little enthusiasm for what I posted. Shallow, maybe, but my only pay for this is kudos and comments. I had things I'd rather be writing, so I did.

Most fun story:
Probably A Time of Magic and Stuff, because it was utterly self indulgent. Didn't come out very well, but I enjoyed the process.

Most sexy story:
I think it might be a tie between Fucking Finals and Like you didn't Want to Know.

Story with single sexiest moment:
Oh god, uhm... I'm sure there's something objectively hotter somewhere, but my favorite sex related moment was definitely in Balancing Act with the sleepy one-sided sex. Yesss.

Most unintentionally *telling* story:
Probably It's Not a Fetish, since it was essentially me coming out of the watersports closet.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
I can't think of anything, since this year I made kind of an effort to never write anything that made me uncomfortable, no matter how much I wanted to please anyone. The closest I got was a prompt for wincest using the phrase "baby boy", but I did it in a completely non-sexual way, so I still felt it was okay.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:
No single story stands out, but pretty much all my writing of Castiel this year has moved him a little in my mind.

Hardest story to write:
A Place in Time. I've been struggling to finish it for years. Good god. Never again.

Worst story:
Kissing Babies, probably. But as always, the stories I'm least happy with are the first ones for new fandoms, so it makes sense. I do like it, it's just not as good as it could be if I had better grasp of the characters.

Easiest story to write:
Don't think I can pick a single one, because I let myself write much simpler this year, not having everything betaed and sometimes just... writing for the heck of it. So many of the short things come to mind. Pretty much all of these.

Story I’d like to revise:
I might have some of the ficlets betaed at some point, but no fixed plans. I do have plenty of sequels to things brewing.

Story I didn’t write but will at some point, I swear:
I keep promising to finish things and teasing people with my plot bunnies. I have go to either stop doing it, or actually finish something.

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Damn, you've been busy, hon.


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