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In regards to the Pea situation, all I'm gonna say is that denial is a beautiful thing. Everything is set in motion, so there's nothing more I can really do other than worry myself silly. So I'm making extreme effort to not think about it. At all.

To help with this, I downloaded all 10 seasons of Stargate SG-1 and started a marathon. Not even kidding. I started watching only a couple of weeks ago and I'm already several episodes into season 5.

I'm not all that into it, to be honest, but it's decent entertainment and distracts me nicely. The first 2 seasons made me constantly roll my eyes because it was so silly, but I sternly reminded myself that first seasons are often like that. (TNG season 1, oh boy...)

Other stuff that keeps my mind off dangerous topics is smut. Not that smut isn't an awfully nice thing in general, but it seems my brain takes comfort in pushing the limits of my normal kinks. I'm delving into BDSM and watersports fics, and I'm frankly disappointed at how little there is of this in the SPN fandom, even on the kink meme (which is usually so scary to me that I hardly dare look at it. Bestiality, man... *shudder*). Guess I'll have to write what I want myself. I already did, actually.

I was feeling horribly down and in desperate need of some nice feedback, so I went back to what works (since my Dog Walker fic is getting a very lukewarm response) and posted a D/s smut thing I found in my folders. I posted a hesitant first part on tumblr and the response was overwhelming, so before I knew it I'd written almost 4k of sabriel D/s, powered by huge amounts of notes. It's here, if anyone wants to read it. Some day I'll probably have it betaed and posted properly, but for now I'm drowning in the moving process, so it'll have to wait.

Speaking of the moving process, there are ups and downs. It's fucking complicated and stressful, but it's going steadily ahead and 9 days from now, I'll have a new home. I got a moving company at a great price, got the loan for my deposit and all I need now is the key to my new place. Should hear from the leasers about signing the lease sometime this week, and I hope to get the keys at the same time.

Now... I guess I can't procrastinate packing any longer. *le sigh*


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