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As I mentioned in my new year's word count, I've been posting stuff on tumblr quite a bit. This is because I feel no urge to do things properly on a site I am pretty much exclusively using for instant fandom gratification. It's not my main blog. It's where I blurt out random stuff and even more random fic. However, some of them turned out okay, and after a trip to a beta they should be ready to post here and on AO3. So I've roped in my ever faithful betas to go through all the junk and help me make it decent enough to post with headers and everything.

I hope to start posting within the next few days, or next week at the latest. I already have a few things ready to post, but I also have an exuberant 3-year old, so there's no telling what kind of time I may or may not have.

Oh, and I have also dipped my toe into a new fandom: Person Of Interest. My god, I ship Reese/Finch SO hard! I kinda sorta already wrote them a ficlet... ahem. Anyway, that should also make an appearance, along with fanart-inspired smut, weird au ficlets, drabbles and gen things nobody seems to want to read. But if the writing is decent enough, it deserves the effort of giving them headers and crossposting. So there.

Stay tuned!
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