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I desperately want to move from Tumblr back to DW, but there's a problem. There's just not a lot of activity here. And I'm struggling to work out how to fix that.

I mean, obviously I would have to contribute more myself. Tumblr was wonderful in the fact that I didn't actually need to engage in any kind of activity, there was already so much there. And despite an increasingly fandom-unfriendly platform it remains the place where fandom seems to live. 

But it's rapidly reaching the point where Tumblr aggravates me more than it inspires. It's been coming on a long time, but the lack of my preferred obsessions anywhere else is what's keeping me there. It sure isn't the interface or (apart from a very select few) the company. 

It's gonna happen. I might mourn the pretty pictures and hip-shooting fanfic bursts, but unless some really big magical turn-around happens, then Tumblr will have to see me go.

First step: tag-surfing here. I WILL find something new to fill my feed with. I WILL, DAMMIT!
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As I mentioned in my new year's word count, I've been posting stuff on tumblr quite a bit. This is because I feel no urge to do things properly on a site I am pretty much exclusively using for instant fandom gratification. It's not my main blog. It's where I blurt out random stuff and even more random fic. However, some of them turned out okay, and after a trip to a beta they should be ready to post here and on AO3. So I've roped in my ever faithful betas to go through all the junk and help me make it decent enough to post with headers and everything.

I hope to start posting within the next few days, or next week at the latest. I already have a few things ready to post, but I also have an exuberant 3-year old, so there's no telling what kind of time I may or may not have.

Oh, and I have also dipped my toe into a new fandom: Person Of Interest. My god, I ship Reese/Finch SO hard! I kinda sorta already wrote them a ficlet... ahem. Anyway, that should also make an appearance, along with fanart-inspired smut, weird au ficlets, drabbles and gen things nobody seems to want to read. But if the writing is decent enough, it deserves the effort of giving them headers and crossposting. So there.

Stay tuned!
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Now for something more pleasant.

There's next to nothing fandom related going on either on Dreamwidth or Livejournal these days. At least not on my f-list or the communities I frequent. There are some fics being posted, but almost all of them are WIPs, and I just can't read WIPs. Especially not several at a time. It's a mixed problem on my part. I'm so very tempted to read everything, but I get confused too easily and goddammit, if the writing is really good, then the mere idea of the WIP never reaching an ending upsets me to the point of being unreasonable about it. So I prefer to wait it out.

So these days I mostly stick to Tumblr. My Supernatural cravings in particular are being sated there. But wow, I clearly do not take it as seriously as most of my followers/followed do. I don't see it as a serious blog at all, not for me. I'm still having difficulties posting stuff there and the search engine went suddenly from being awesome to impossible. Not sure how or when. :oS I don't really understand the point of the questions and fanmail (isn't it what we do with memes on LJ? Is it something to do with the word limit on asks? I dunno.) or indeed the desperation some people seem to exhibit when requesting it. I hate not being able to leave longer comments on things and reblogging the same post for every single reply in a lengthy debate is just hurting my eyes and my scroll finger in the end.

But it seems to be where everything happens these days. And I do adore gifs to an unhealthy degree. And I seem to have gotten myself a Tumblr wife. Whaddya know. :oP

Apart from that, I sort of half-heartedly check Twitter every now and then. If I'm lucky, I can find a couple of people to IM with a few hours every night. And that's pretty much the extent of my social life. Which I suppose is why I fill my head with fannish pursuits.


I joined a birthday fic challenge on a whim and chose a tiny prompt, because I hoped it would be a nice little thing to boost my writing mojo. Of course, it just had to turn into a 10k word monster, which I was seriously worried wouldn't be finished in time. But only last night I managed to reach an ending, and while it's not my best fic ever, I actually think it turned out very well. I do so hope the recipient likes it. :o)

Tumblr also has a Sabriel (Sam/Gabriel) week coming up and I would really like to offer something daily for it. Not sure what it would be, though. Writing would be the immediate choice, but graphics could also be fun. Haven't fiddled with my dear photoshop in ages. But I guess it all depends on energy, time and inspiration. It's from April 1st to April 8th, so I've got a little time to decide, yet. It's perfect, though, because the birthday fic is Sam/Gabriel and is due on the 7th of April. :oP

As usual I have a bazillion WIPs in my folders and I can't seem to focus on one at a time. Most of my writing this year has actually been done in my RP with [ profile] martiya_khvar , but I'm doubtful any of that writing will actually interest anybody else. Except maybe the sex scenes. I dunno. Would any SPN fans on my F-list like to read an awful lot of Crowley/OMC sex? Because that's pretty much all that's going on. Best RP ever. :oP

Other stuff:

My embroidery project has pretty much screeched to a halt with all the stressing over all the people and stuff going on in my life, but I have a year before it's needed, since I'm told there's no plans for any sort of baptism or naming ceremony. So the plan is to make the picture a 1-year birthday gift for the baby. I can also report that even though I managed to make an incredibly big fuck-up, I also managed to fix it without panicking. Go me.

My other fannish pursuits involves reading an awful lot of fic. Right now I'm craving smutty Merlin/Arthur or Bradley/Colin fic. Thank god for the kinkmeme. :oP I've also dipped my toe into SPN RPS. I've read a little of everything by now, I think, but weirdly, the only pairing that truly appeals to me in that area is Misha/Jared. I'm not entirely sure why. I just like them together. And it's absolutely no problem for me to have Misha/Jared smut open in one tab and squee over Jared and Gen's baby in another. I'm easy like that.

And while we're on the subject of SPN...

TV: (No real spoilers here.)

SPN: CAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! OH MY FREAKIN' GOD!! After all the angsting and expecting the worst from Castiel's return episode, we were instead gifted with PURE GOLD! I made so many strange noises I hope my neighbours don't end up thinking some exotic animals are breeding in here. When the trench coat appeared, I fear I may have made a noise not unlike a penguin being strangled. And there are at least 2 more episodes to come!! *runs around flailing arms*

Everything else seems to pale compared to SPN, actually... But in short:

Community got renewed. Yay!
NCIS is good as always.
Castle is going down a notch in my estimation for every episode where the Castle/Beckett part is being ignored.
CSI Miami is now finally behind me. Cannot bear it anymore. *sob*
Fringe is kinda breaking my heart along with my brain. I'm very conflicted about my feelings on this matter, but I'm still totally hooked.
H50 is being entertaining, but unimpressive. Thankfully there is slash. So much beautiful Danny/Steve.

And I think that's it for now.


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