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First of all, thank you SO much to all you wonderful people who sent me hugs and comments after my previous post. You have absolutely no idea how welcome it was, and I love you all for it, so very much! That said, this first week without Pea has been a fucking nightmare, and I have not been coping well.

But putting that aside for now, because today is the first day of me starting job testing again. I call it job testing, because I have no idea what the English term is, if there even is one. It basically means being put to work doing incredibly random things while you're on welfare, in the hope that some day you can return to the job market. I'm happy about it, rather than terrified as I've been in the past, but I suffer no illusions. I'm not aiming for a full-time job. If that's going to happen, I'll need a better functioning head. When or if that ever comes.

But there are options, depending on how much it turns out I'm capable of. I'm sort of gently aiming for 20 hours a week as a goal, maybe going as high as 25, depending on the tasks I'm given. Which is enough for a part time job, and with help from the county I can be vastly more independent than I've ever been in my life. So there's hope for me personally.

I'm starting out with 6 hours a week. Then in two weeks it's gonna be upped to 8 hours. Two weeks after that, 10. I'm excited to see how it goes.

More on my head and Pea in later posts.


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