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Okay, so. Shit is being done.

Got a new doctor. Will get an appointment sometime in October, starting from scratch, hopefully ending up with a new (and more accurate) diagnosis.

I've started swimming as part of a welfare program. Started out doing it only on Wednesdays and then doing some new age shit on Modays, but I liked the swimming so much (and hated the new age stuff so much) that I was allowed to change it so I only do swimming. So from this Monday I'll be swimming for an hour every morning 4 days a week and then meeting with my social aid on the 5th. Meaning that for the first time in... a long long time I'll be getting up every morning of the week for something not related to Pea. I'm not even sure I remember how to even do that. Wish me luck!

Either way, I can most certainly use the exercise, so yay for that!

Pea is settled in at the foster family and... that's a whole other story. Suffice to say that he's doing well beyond all expectations and that my grief is becoming more manageable.

Finally, fucking finally, after over 8 months of living here it is now confirmed at last with complete certainty that I can stay here and won't have to move. I've started some minor renovations, and when my step dad retires in October he'll come over and man the drill for me so I can finally hang some things. Like curtains and a cabinet and some shelves and some hooks. I got some money back from paying too much to the electric company so I bought some drawers and closets, which means I can finally put my clothes away, rather than just having them in piles in my bedroom. I never even hung posters in my bedroom because I was afraid of getting too settled in case I had to move again. :oS

My landlord is slow as a sloth and all the things he promised me to get done back in January are still not done. At this rate I'll do them myself, because fuck, I can't wait another year to have the leak in my door fixed. My heating bill is already going to be through the roof, fuck.

So. This is life. Right now.


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